Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zoo Time

The weather has been gorgeous here lately and we have been taking full advantage of it!  Jonathan was off work Friday so we headed up to see the grandparents and hang out.  

Saturday morning Mamaw, Cole and I met Jaime (Josh's fiance) and Jamie's brother at the zoo for some animal seeing fun.  Francis bought a membership and we can all get in with it so free trips to the zoo are right up my alley! :-)

Cole being silly as usual...

Cole is a live animal for sure! :-)

Cole + cotton candy= HOT MESS!

The sand pit is one of his favorite parts of the zoo!

Cole and soon-to-be Aunt Jamie.  He has a blast with her!

And of course the fountains...with no bathing suit or change of clothes with us.  Thankfully I was able to at least buy a towel and t-shirt from the gift shop.


 And a few pics before heading to church this morning.  For some reason I can never get a real pose from him!

He is silly all.the.time!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

McWane Center

Last week Cole and I went to Birmingham for the night so we could check out the McWane Center.  I went there as a senior in high school (back in 1999!), but haven't been since then. Alot has changed, but I knew Cole would enjoy it.

Aunt Misty came over from Montgomery and Mamaw and Papaw joined us too!

Cole excited to be there! Please excuse the lovely spot on his nose...he had fallen the day before while in a hurry to get the neighbors house! :-) 

Blowing huge bubbles!

Too busy digging for dinosaur fossils to take a picture with me!

Mamaw showing us the size of a turtle that was found (can't remember where), but it was 13 feet long!

As usual, we are thankful to be so close and really taking advantage of it.  Cole has stayed with his grandparents the last two weekends and he has loved every minute of it!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spouse Taxi

Friday we had a spouse taxi day for Jonathan's squadron.  I have done a taxi once before in the T-6, but this was way cooler! :-)  No taxi in the is a single seat!  

Hanging out before the taxi...

My favorite boys!

The Ladies of the Knight...what a great group of women!

Out by the jets

Two of my fav girls, Jen and Amanda

Checking out the SIM and trying not to crash! :-)

After the taxi...we got to go about 100 mph which required lighting the burners.  It was really cool and gives more of an appreciation for Jonathan's job!

My sexy man and me! :-)

Looking like a real pilot...or not!

That night was our squadron commanders wife's 40th birthday celebration.   The cake was awesome and he had shirts made just like this for all of us (the wives) to wear.

And a couple pictures of Cole before Bible Study this morning.  He was rocking his new Toms I got him yesterday.  :-)