Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Latest

Jonathan and I went away last weekend (without Cole!) to Biloxi for a guys fishing trip/girl's hangout while the guys fish trip!  We headed down Friday afternoon and arrived just in time for dinner at the Half Shell Oyster House.

Here is Jen, me and Monna at dinner.  

Unfortunately the guys didn't catch any small fish (such as Red Snapper) like they had hoped, but they did catch two sharks.  They had this thing all cut up and brought it home to eat!  We haven't cooked any of ours yet, but one of the other couples grilled theirs Monday night and they said it was tasty.  I don't eat seafood so I guess I'll never know!  :-)

Here is Blade, Yac (Jonathan), Calvin, Chill and Fang.  They are all in Jonathan's squadron.

His shark!

 Saturday night we went to eat at a Tapas Bar and in downtown Biloxi.  The area was so quaint and I really loved it.  

Jen and I. She and I met while in San Antonio and became instant friends.  She is 36 weeks pregnant with their first child and was such a trooper.  I didn't hear her complain not even once and she even went running Saturday morning.  I can't wait for their baby to arrive soon...they didn't find out the sex so it will be extra exciting!

The area had lots of beautiful trees like this one.  You know a tree is nice when they cut the roof out to accommodate it!

We arrived home to a garden full of tomatoes!  Our garden has done so well and I have been able to share the harvest with neighbors and co-workers so it has been really great.  

Cole started swim lessons on Monday.  Here he is with his teacher, Mr. Kevin.

Then Monday afternoon he had his third dental appointment.  He does better and better each time.  The dentist said his teeth looked great which was nice to hear because I don't have the best teeth.  Hopefully he inherited his dad's good teeth. :-)  It was also nice to know that even though he took his pacifier until he was 3 his teeth showed no signs of damage from it!

That catches us up for now!  Oh how I love summer!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Like Father Like Son

Just a little picture of Cole and Jonathan on Father's Day before headed out to church.  I have never seen a child love their father the way Cole does his.  It makes my heart smile to see these two together and the love they have for one another.  

And one of Cole and I together...just because. :-)

 Tuesday night was Cole's last night of tee ball.  They had a little game and then got their trophies and ate pizza.  He was very excited about his trophy and couldn't wait to put it in his room next to his basketball trophy. 

Cole and his buddy Ryan showing off their trophies.

Tee ball is over and he starts swim lessons next week.  The fun never ends. :-)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beach, Part III

This is the final post for the beach trip...I just had so many pictures that breaking them down was the best way to do it!

Thursday morning we headed out early (before it got too hot!) and took Cole to The Track for some go kart riding fun!

He was ready!

In the Batmobile.

The three of us!

Cole and daddy ready to ride!

Here they come!

Then it was bumper cars with mommy!

And Cole even got to ride alone on the mini track...the car was slow as molasses, but he didn't seem to mind. :-)

In the airplane.

Then we played putt putt before heading back to the condo.

Too cool for school :-)

Mawmaw and Pawpaw...the best grandparents ever! :-)

Then it was back to the beach Thursday night and all day Friday!  Jonathan put his snorkeling gear on and went and got lots of sand dollars and crabs too, but we put them back in the ocean.  

Cole found a friend and they shared their kite with him.  It was super windy on Friday.  

This smile says it all...we had a great week at the beach!

We had a great time in Destin and look forward to going to Panama City in August with my sister and her kids!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beach, Part III

Tuesday morning Aunt Misty left to go home so Jonathan, Cole and I took off for the Gulfarium. 

Love this picture of Cole in the clam!

We were back at the condo shortly after lunch and then we hit the beach.  

These two loved playing in the sand.

And I loved sitting in my chair and watching them. :-)

Lunch on the beach and then a little relaxing in the shade.

Cole and I found lots of seashells.

Jonathan and his A-10 masterpiece.  Lots of people came by to take pictures.

Wednesday afternoon Mawmaw and Pawpaw arrived to spend the rest of the week with us.   Cole was so excited and they wasted no time before they were playing in the sand together.  

Pawpaw relaxing.

Then Mawmaw and Pawpaw took off for the ocean.

Gathering more seashells with Mawmaw.

He got some.

Having fun!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beach Bums, Part 2

Sunday afternoon was rainy so we took off for a little shopping at Destin Commons.  Our first stop...Bass Pro Shop!

After that was some deliciousness from Cold Stone Creamery.  The three of us shared one waffle cone and it was still plenty!

Cole found the play area and enjoyed it even if it was wet!

We went to dinner at The Crab Trap.  Nothing is better than a playground at the beach.  It sure helps the restaurant wait time go by much faster!

Hmmm, what to get for dinner?

Misty and I

We woke up Monday morning and it was nice and sunny!

The beach and water was beautiful! 

Working on a sand castle.

Cole the merman! :-)

Cole spent a little time in the pool too...the water was freezing, but Aunt Misty was sweet enough to swim with him!

The view from the condo balcony before we headed to dinner Monday night.  We stayed on the 10th floor of Ariel Dunes II.  

Dinner at the Back Porch.  It came highly recommended and the food was good...even to a person who doesn't eat seafood.  

They had a play area there too so that was nice.

Cole was tired by this point in the day and he was making me a little crazy!

They were crazy too!

And a day is not complete without going crabbing.  Cole had his flashlight and he was ready.

Trying to catch some.

Unfortunately, this is all we found, but it was still fun!