Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekend Fun!

 On Saturday we took off to Tupelo for the day.  I was really wanting some Olive Garden so we made the hour long trek to get some. :-)

Me and my sweet boy (or should I say boys before we left).  33 weeks along...

Waiting on our yummy lunch.

After we ate we went to a small, but fun children's museum called Healthworks to let Cole run around and play.

Posing with an eyeball and brain.  

Inside a mouth...I was pretty proud of myself for climbing in there, big belly and all.


Killing germs with a water gun. ;-)

And Jonathan burning some calories. His face cracks me up...he was really working it!

Climbing the wall of skin.

We went to the museum with Cole, but we left with Spiderman. :-)

The three of us during the brain show.

After we left the museum we did a little shopping and then headed back home.  We had a fun, family day! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crosby in 3D/4D

I'm about 3 weeks behind on posting these pictures, but I wanted to make sure they made the blog since this is my scrapbook. :-)

I wills start by saying that Crosby wasn't overly cooperative for the ultrasound.  He had his hands and feet all around his face almost the entire time...about 20 minutes, which made getting face shots somewhat difficult. I have a video of the ultrasound that I have enjoyed watching and showing to Cole since he wasn't with us that day.  

I am just in love with this sweet face and can't wait to kiss those cheeks!  

A little hand and a foot.  That doesn't look comfortable to me at all, but he doesn't seem to mind. :-)

I am determined to enjoy the baby stage with Crosby more than I did with Cole.  I was too busy rushing Cole to the next stage that I really felt like I missed out on alot of his babyhood because of it.  BUT, I think with a good ole' perspective check (as I like to call it) and the help of God I will be able to embrace this time and change in our life and really savor it and enjoy it.  

We can't wait to meet you Crosby Stephen!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fini Flight

Last Friday we attended the fini flight of our friend, Jason "Tank" Erb and his wife Chanie.  This was our second time to be stationed with them, but unfortunately they were only here for a year.  Jason got out of the Air Force and took a reserve job back in his home state of Nebraska.   I know they are excited to be close to family again and I can't blame them!

Cole as we were heading out the door...

Cole and Bodey (Jason and Chanie's son) being silly before heading out to the flight line.  

Chanie and new baby Levi.  He is two months old and oh so cute!

 Tank climbing out of the T-38 for the last time.

And then getting squirted with water guns by the kiddos.

Cole and his daddy.  Two of my favorite boys!  :-)

Cole and Bodey playing in an old T-38.  This occupied these boys for quite some time while the adults chatted and ate. 

We sure will miss the Erb's, but are thankful for the time here that we had together!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day!

We had a snow day on Thursday...well sort of.  By 2:00 p.m. the sun was shining, the temperature was 42 degrees and almost all the snow had melted.  But, the kids got a day out of school and had fun during the morning hours playing it.  This is my kind of snow day!  :-)  By tomorrow, all will be back to normal!

The best part of getting snow...snow ice cream!  We found some good, clean snow and mixed it with milk, sugar and vanilla extract.  It was yummy!

Our backyard looked like this...

The kids had fun having snow ball fights.  Even Roxy joined in on the fun! :-)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Cole started basketball last week and seems to be enjoying it.  I think soccer is his favorite sport so far, but we continue to let him play them all.  Team sports are so good for kids so I like for him to be involved in all of them that he wants...for now anyway! :-)

On Wednesday we met some friends at the mall for a little playtime.   Hayden and Logan riding the overpriced, cheesy rides in the mall.  :-)

Then it was off to the jump place.  Our mall is not a very good one, but it does at least have a bounce house place.  And when it has rained everyday for a week, this is a great place to get energy out!

Having much fun that all the pictures are blurry because he wouldn't be still!

Then it was off to Krispy Kreme!  These are some lucky kids!  My friend Jessica had a bunch of coupons for free donuts that were about to expire and we didn't want them to go to waste.  :-)

 And yes, I eat the same kind of donut as my 4 year old son...chocolate icing with sprinkles!  Crosby and I really enjoyed it...and so did Cole!

We have a had a fun week despite the crummy weather!

Crosby's baby shower celebration

Last Saturday, the 12th, two of my sweet friends (Jen and Amanda) hosted a baby shower for Mr. Crosby.  I was so blessed to have so many show up to celebrate him and I am so thankful!

Cole being silly as I took a picture before I left.  31 weeks...

They did a brunch (I love breakfast food!) and everything was so good!  

The theme was Alabama...hence the houndstooth and some of the decor.

Me with the hostesses, Amanda and Jen.

Misty and Francis came down for the shower and I am so glad they did!  I loved having some family there to celebrate with!

My sweet neighbor (and good friend!) Jennifer and her daughter Chloe.  Cole and Chloe are BFF.  :-)

Me with Misty and Francis.

The gifts!  Crosby racked up on some super cute things and lots of new books courtesy of the guests!

Jayne (my neighbor), Amanda (my neighbor and hostess) and Kelly.

And me opening some of my things...

Chanie was so sweet and got me a gift too! I love the houndstooth wallet.

Reading through This Little Elephant.  Such a cute book!  My friends know me well because Crosby received alot of Alabama goodies.  

Love this sign (ignore my facial expressions!).

And he got a fun Jumperoo and froggy bouncer.

The shower really was a special day and reminded me just how blessed I am.  We are anxiously counting down the weeks until we get to meet Crosby.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

We really lived it up on New Years Eve (insert sarcasm here)!  Jonathan and the neighbor went and bought some fireworks and the kids had fun shooting them.  Poor Roxy was traumatized from all the noise that she wouldn't even go outside to potty!

Eating a PBJ before the festivities begin.

The boys all bundled up.

Cole and Chloe having fun with the sparklers. 

Messing with the father, like son.

About to roast a marshmallow.

Cole's BFF Chloe.

We had a few close calls with the fireworks, but we all came out unscathed.  :-)  None of us made it up to midnight, but then again, we never do!  

Here's to a great 2013 as we await the arrival of baby Crosby!