Monday, April 30, 2012

Disney, Day 3

Magic Kingdom was by far the "best" park as far as things to do.  It had the most rides, entertainment, etc., but also the most people.  It is the bread and butter of Disney so it is where most people go when they think of Disney World.  

About to head out for the day.  We were all smiles. 

Watching a 3D movie.  We took in several short movies and live shows as a way to have a little downtime.  Plus, in Disney fashion, they were all great.

Waiting in line for the carousel.

On the carousel.

We had lunch with Pooh and Friends.

And then splurged on a $10 balloon that we had to pop when we left for the airport. :-(  But, Cole enjoyed it while it lasted. 

Arrghhh!  He loved the pirate stuff!

And he even got picked to get on stage and sword fight with Capn' Jack Sparrow. It was so cute to watch.  Poor guy had his eye patch upside down the whole time. 

Magic Carpet Ride

On the boat for It's a Small world

Getting tired, but he hung in there.  The little guy didn't nap the entire week we were there.  He had quite the stamina.

Love these boys!

Heading home for the day with a cool light up sword!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Disney, Day 2

Monday (Day 2) we spent the entire day at Animal Kingdom.  We had breakfast reservations at Tusker House at Animal Kingdom.  

Heading in...

It was a character breakfast with Donald, Daisy and Goofy.  Since it was at Animal Kingdom it was a safari theme.  

Daisy really liked Jonathan! :-)

Goofy had a fun parade during breakfast and Cole had a blast joining in.

A bag full of candy that he (or should I say we) got to make.  Made his day...and mine! :-)

We went to the Lion King show and it was awesome.  A bad picture, but a good memory of the show. It was a 30 minute, live musical where they sang some of the popular songs from the movie.

After we got back at the end of the day we enjoyed some pool time.  Cole loved the dragon slide.  

Coming down and waiting on daddy to catch him.

Having fun in the water.  

The end of another tiring, but fun day!  Up next is Magic Kingdom!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Disney World, Day 1

We took off to Disney World last Sunday and to say it was an awesome trip would be an understatement!  We did alot of stuff, took alot of pictures and most of all had alot of fun! :-)

Me and Cole right before we left for the airport.  Cole was just a little excited! :-)

At the airport waiting on our plane...

 Cole's first plane ride that he was old enough to enjoy.  He flew twice as a baby and after that I said I wasn't flying with him again until he was older.  He did great and loved taking off!


We made it!  We stayed at Port Orleans, French Quarter.  It had a great New Orleans feel!

The park at our resort

After we got all checked in we took a boat ride over to Downtown Disney for dinner.

The Lego store had some awesome lego displays...this was just one of many!

Jonathan being all cool as we walked into Planet Hollywood for dinner.

Coloring at dinner.

Yummy took a couple of us to eat this!

After dinner we went back to the resort to let Cole take in some swimming.  Here he is enjoying the hot tub.

Every night the resort showed a movie on the lawn at 8:30.  The first night was Beauty and the Beast.  Luckily Cole had already seen it because he was asleep about 30 minutes into the movie.

We had a great day of travel and a good evening.  Up next...Animal Kingdom!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Last Thursday Cole had his Easter party at school.  They had an egg hunt, picnic lunch and party too.  It was a fun day for the kids!  Cole was so excited!

I got a few pictures of him before we headed to school.

The azaleas in our yard are just beautiful this time of year.  We have some great landscaping thanks to the previous owners of our house.  

The Easter bunny also came to see Cole.  I got him a new basket this year from a cute little boutique in our town.  This is the back.  

And this is the front.  We keep Easter nice and simple.  I explained multiple times what Easter is about to Cole.  Hopefully he grasped some of it.  

Sunday after church we had a big group of friends over for lunch and an egg hunt.  I didn't get many pictures because we were so busy eating and hanging out.  :-)

Cole and two of his favorite girls...Ava and Chloe!  Luckily they are both immediate neighbors to us so he plays with them ALL the time!

Jonathan tossing the football with another one of the guys!

No family shot, but here's one of Jonathan and I during the egg hunt.

We had a wonderful Easter and are now gearing up to head to Disney on Sunday!