Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life lately

I picked up this military edition of the 5 Love Languages and pretty much read through it in a couple days. It had been years since I read the original 5 Love Languages so I needed a refresher.  I always thought my love language was receiving (and giving!) gifts, but after reading this I realize it's actually acts of service.  Jonathan took this with him and he is going to read it too.

Crosby had a run in with the rug in the living room...I would say the rug won!  Carpet burn is no fun!

Cole had a birthday party Saturday for his fried Ryan at the local skating rink.  

His skating skills got better by the end of the party.

In preparation for Jonathan's deployment I brushed up on my shooting skills.  I must say I enjoyed shooting the gun and could see it being a fun hobby.

Boys and sticks! 

A family picture before church last Sunday. 

Sunday afternoon we went down the street to Ms. Patty's and rode horses for a little bit.  Here is Crosby meeting Star.  

She is such a sweet and social horse.

Cole and Chloe.  

Hanging out with Ms. Patty while we rode horses.

Chloe and Jonathan rode together on Traveler.

And Cole and I rode on Mac.  It was fun, but I must say I was a little sore yesterday from riding.


Jonathan left yesterday for his 6 month deployment.  Cole had me write this letter to his dad last night.  I was teary eyed the whole time I was writing it. That boy sure will miss his dad. :-(

We got a dusting of snow today.  Thankfully it was just a dusting.  I've had enough snow to last a lifetime after living in Oklahoma and Missouri. 

We made a deployment countdown jar today.  Since Jonathan left on a Monday we will take a bar out each Monday.  Counting weeks (instead of days) will hopefully make it not seem so long.  I put a few extra bars in there just in case he is delayed getting home.  

Here's to hoping the next 6 months goes by fast and smooth!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 months and a date night

Crosby is 10 months old!  

Some new things from this month:

He moved into a big boy carseat and although he is still rear facing I think he appreciates having more room and I appreciate not having to lift the heavy carseat in and out of the car anymore!

He also now has one tooth on the bottom...finally! Cole had a mouthful of teeth by this age so this has been different.  However, a lack of teeth doesn't keep him from eating any and everything.  He is a great little eater and will pretty much eat whatever I put in front of him.

He also has learned how to patty cake and shake his head no.  :-)  He is still nursing and eats every 3 hours or so.  Two more months and then the weaning begins!  I never imagined I would still be nursing him, but it just works for us. It's so easy and quick, not to mention FREE and so good for him! I have enjoyed not washing bottles too!

Jonathan and I got to get away for an overnight date on Saturday night thanks to my wonderful in-laws.  We stayed at the Wynfrey Hotel at the Galleria mall.  We did some shopping and then ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

Then followed up with a Dulce de Leche milkshake from Haagen-Daas. It was SO good! 

Sunday afternoon Jonathan, Cole, M.B., and Josh helped build a "cabin" for Cole to play in.  They had fun and I think Cole will enjoy playing in it in the days to come.  

We had a good weekend together and are thankful for our time together.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Life through the iPhone

Not a whole lot has been going on around here.  Here's the last few weeks through my iPhone. ;-)

Crosby is pretty much in to everything!  He managed to get the metal popcorn tin out of the pantry, get the lid off and then proceed to spill it everywhere.  Can't leave him unattended for a minute.  

Just being cute. 

Cole's friend Sydney has made him a couple of those rubber band bracelets. He thinks they are cool.

We attempted sleep training with Crosby.  He ended up falling asleep sitting up.

Just another Sunday after church lunch at Subway.

Love these boys.

Crosby has been eating table food like crazy lately.  Here he is enjoying pasta and carrots.  

And he got some new wheels.  We have fun cruising around the house and look forward to cruising outside this Spring.  

Cole got his report card the other day.  His teacher put this sweet note on the report card. 

Jonathan was working all day last Saturday so the boys and I went to Tuscaloosa to see Misty and Mawmaw and Pawpaw.  

Cole had been wanting to eat at Cracker Barrel and it is one of my faves too so Cracker Barrel it was.   

That about sums us up for now!