Tuesday, November 19, 2013

8 months

This squishy little boy is now 8 months old!  He is mostly happy and smiles at anybody that talks to him.  :-)  He has a LOUD squeal that he does (just like his brother did) and loves make frequent use of this new sound.  

He started saying dada these past few weeks and it is cute as can be. Now to learn to say mama.

He still likes to get up a couple of times at night to nurse.  He is completely different than Cole about his nighttime sleep, but we are coping. :-)  I've learned NOT to solicit the advice of Facebook when it comes to all things kid/parenting related.  I don't want or need the advice of others who don't know my baby, especially when it comes to the sleep department. :-)

He still has no teeth but is constantly biting in his bottom lip so I suspect teeth may be coming soon?  I've been thinking that for a while now so who knows.

We love this precious boy so much and he is the perfect addition to our family!

Soccer end of year

Cole finished up soccer last night and we were able to get some pics of the kids and the team.

Getting Cole to take a real picture is almost impossible these days.


Thumbs up for a fun season!

 The team.

Bryan, Matthew, Thomas, Ethan, Paxton, Cole and Aaron.

The team with their coach...Jonathan! :-)  Yes, Jonathan got suckered into coaching, but he did an awesome job!  He is great with the kiddos and they loved him! 

Crazy faces!
 With their medals.

They had a great season and it was fun to see how much Cole had grown and developed since last season.  Looking forward to next year!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Our Halloween was a wet one which meant no trick or treating. Cole did get to wear a costume to school and trick or treat there which was fun for him.  He chose to wear Tiny from Dinosaur Train to school.  

We had some friends over for dinner so I made soup and this yummy dessert which I referred to as Halloween crack.  It is so addicting and so good! :-)

Since the weather was bad the base moved their trick or treating to Saturday night.  We took Chloe with us and the kids racked up the candy.  

A power ranger and a vampire.

I didn't buy Crosby a costume but he had this cute bear outfit so it worked out well. :-)

I think this is the first time in my life where Halloween was cancelled but there's a first time for everything!