Sunday, October 31, 2010

I want candy!

Wow, what a weekend full of Halloween festivities and lots of candy eating (and the weekend isn't over yet)! We started out Friday by heading downtown for trick or treating with Katie and Ty. The local businesses hand out candy to the kids. It was fun, but there was TONS of kids. You literally had to wait in line just to get candy. A little crazy for me, but we did get some candy and Cole seemed to have fun checking out all the costumes so mission accomplished.

My sweet boy!

And he's off! :-)

He got the hang of it pretty quickly!

On Saturday morning we headed to the Kansas City Zoo. Cole had been wanting to go so I figured this was as good a time as any to head there one more time before the weather turns cold. Boy was I wrong. The zoo had Halloween stuff and there were a zillion kids dressed in costumes. It was such a madhouse that we didn't get to see too many animals. So, we may still try and go back again within the next couple of weeks when it won't be so crazy.

I did manage to get one picture of him with a pumpkin.

Then Saturday night we went to a kid's Halloween party at a friends house. Cole had a blast eating, jumping on the trampoline and playing games.

Waiting on the candy to fall out of the pinata

The pinata. Cole had a bat in hand and hit this thing with some gusto. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture.

Cole and Adam

Me and my buddy

We have had a great Halloween weekend so far and are looking forward to finishing it off tonight with friends, fun and of course CANDY! :-)

Powell Gardens

I know we have a ton of Powell Gardens posts because we go there so often. The perks of being a member. :-)

I wanted to share these few pictures for memories sake because they are the last pictures taken before Jonathan left for his trip.

Me and Cole with the scarecrow

Jonathan and his parents

Cole and Daddy being silly

Thank you so much for visiting us (again) M.B. and Francis. Your visit meant more to us than we could explain. Thank you for your love and support through the years!

We love you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

UCM Homecoming Parade

Saturday was homecoming for UCM, the local college here in Warrensburg. They had a huge parade with around 200 floats. Cole's preschool designed a float and we got to ride in it for the parade. Here we are in our matching shirts. The preschool designed a shirt and we all wore it on the float.

On the float getting ready to begin the parade.

The three of us. Cole being silly as usual.

Cole and Landon saying hi to the people as we drove by.

The Combs family.
While on the parade we saw these folks with Team Dani shirts on. So sweet of them to stand out there in honor of my friend Dani. ;-) Turns out Team Dani was actually for a gal up for Homecoming Queen.

Jonathan with his sweet parents.

And Cole eating candy, lots of candy. I am trying not to stress myself out with the massive amount of junk consumed by my child during the month of October, particularly the latter part of the month. Extra teeth brushing is in order I guess.

The parade was lots of fun and the weather was great. Can't beat 70 degrees for the end of October.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Neighborhood Halloween Party

Friday night was our annual neighborhood Halloween Party. I have been coordinating the socials for our neighborhood for the last year (this was my last one) and it has been a blast. Alot of work, but certainly worth the reward when you see the kiddos having fun.

Here was Cole getting dressed and ready to head out. If you know Cole then you know is costume is spot on for him...a boxer!

Family photo. Cole couldn't hardly be still long enough to smile.

Cole with Katie and Ty. He was the cutest puppy dog ever! Love his costume!

Mawmaw and the boxer.

Cole with Spiderman (Adam) and Batman (Andrew).

Cole eating dessert...

Around the campfire where the s'mores were being made.

Cole eating more dessert. Recognize a pattern here? Sneaky little thing...

The party was lots of fun and we had a great turnout. The weather was touch and go all day long and it even rained right before the party, but once the party began the rain was over. So thankful for that.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Katie's Shower

On Thursday night Dani and I hosted a shower for our sweet friend, Katie. Katie is due with baby boy Rogers #2 in January. I feel so privileged and honored to be able to celebrate the upcoming arrival of this lil' guy with Katie and all of our friends. Such a blessing!

Here is Dani working hard. I believe this is right after she dropped the ravioli in the sauce. Sure made for a good laugh! Love you Dani! :-)

The food table. Dani's pumpkin whoopie pies were a hit! Talk about yummy...

The guest of honor, Katie and Susanna.

Allison and her cute little one, Ellie.

Tiffany and Mr. Brody. Sure glad he was able to join us for the shower. We needed some testosterone. :-)

Most of the girls. Some had already left before we got the group picture.

And Cole made an appearance at the end and scored him a lovely green bow. It looked like the stem to his pumpkin shirt. Silly guy!

What a great night! Can't wait to meet Baby Rogers soon!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday we headed to Faulkner's Pumpkin Patch after church. We had been wanting to go to a pumpkin patch and the weather was beautiful! It was a little warm so it didn't quite feel like fall, but it was still great.

Cole dove into the pumpkins to take a picture for me.

A family shot plus our "little brother" Matthew. He had never been to a pumpkin patch so we were glad to get to take him.

Cole loves animals so he had a great time feeding them all.

The silly scarecrow.

Matthew's turn! I hope I don't embarrass him too bad! :-)

Cole got to go on a pony ride and he loved it!

Such a big boy!

Cole and Matthew on a ride in a barrel.

On the hay ride.
Cole and I on the hay ride.

We had a great time and a wonderful weekend too. We have a busy week ahead, but are looking forward to Jonathan's parents coming to visit tomorrow and getting in as much family time as possible.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rainy Day

Jonathan was off on Monday so we had big plans to go the pumpkin patch or the zoo (Cole has been asking to go to the zoo, as usual). But the weather had other plans for us. We haven't had rain in over two weeks so it was needed, but why did it have to rain on the day we had outdoor plans? :-)

We still had a good day together as a family so that is what counts. It doesn't so much matter what we are doing, as long as we are all three together.

Here's Cole running in the rain before heading into the mall. He and I both sported are rain boots that day.

He loves his daddy!

And his daddy loves him!

After the mall we hit up Chick-fil-A for some yummy lunch and playtime for Cole. Their playground is the perfect size for him.

We also went to the bookstore where Cole got to play with trains.

All in all it was a pretty good rainy day. Sure beats being stuck inside the house!