Thursday, October 27, 2011

Children's Museums and a Parade

Cole and I have been Children's Museum hopping this week! :-) We went to one on Monday and
one on Wednesday.

Here are some pictures from our visits:

And today they had a little parade at school and all the kids wore their costumes. Cole wanted to be Batman, but Party City didn't have his size so he chose Simba instead. He has been obsessed with the Lion King ever since we went and saw it at the movies.

Here he is with a couple of friends.

And he and I...with some friends too. They wanted to be in the picture so I couldn't turn them away. :-)

And just for fun here he is Halloween 2009 (15 months old).

and Halloween 2010 (2 yrs, 3 mos. old).

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a local pumpkin patch Sunday afternoon. It wasn't the best one ever, but a couple of the "good" ones are an hour away and we just didn't want to go that far.

Cole and I before heading in.

Posing with the blowup pumpkin.

Our friends (our old TLF neighbors) met us there too. Cole and Tandy took a ride around the patch.

So silly!

Our family pic..too bad Cole wouldn't smile!

The pumpkin Cole picked out.

A close-up of our pumpkin. I was going to dissuade him from getting the ugliest pumpkin in the whole patch, but then I was reminded that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To him, this was the best pumpkin out there...bumps and all!

It also reminded me that even on days when I feel like this pumpkin (just plain ugly!) that THE KING, MY HEAVENLY FATHER, thinks I am beautiful and created me just the way I am!

The King is enthralled with your beauty; Honor Him for He is your Lord.
Psalm 45:11

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend at the Beach

We went to Corpus Christi for a nice little family getaway this weekend. The weather was GREAT...not too hot, not too cold!

We stayed at the Omni and their customer service was awesome! Cole received this bag full of goodies when we checked in.

Our balcony view of the bay from the 7th floor.

Hanging out by the hot tub.

They did a little swimming, but the pool was soooo cold!

For dinner Friday night we went to Landry's Seafood and sat on the patio. These two are a silly bunch!

We had onion straws for an appetizer. They were super long and super yummy!

After dinner we happened upon a carnival and let Cole ride a few rides. Just a swingin'!

Saturday morning we hit up Academy for a few things and Cole loved checking out the skateboards. He even found a helmet to put on before trying them out. Safety first! :-)

Then it was off to the beach where we spent the afternoon. The water was actually pretty nice!

Working on a sand castle.

My boy...growing up fast.

Jonathan's sand creation. He worked forever on this!

We found an eatery on the beach and Cole scored him an ice cream sandwich.

Saturday night we got Subway and had a picnic in the room so we could watch the Alabama game.

We headed home today just before lunch and Cole sacked out while eating Chex Mix. He slept nearly the whole 2 hour trip home. Guess the beach wore him out!

We had a great weekend enjoying our last getaway before our move!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cuteness and Crafts

Just some recent cute pictures of my little man...

Entertaining himself in the tub with stuff from the kitchen. In addition to the measuring cups, he also had spoons and other cooking utensils. You gotta get creative around here apparently. :-)

Before Bible Study Wednesday morning...

Coloring some Halloween pictures we scored from the library!

A new self-serve yogurt place (Orange Leaf) opened up right outside the base. Cole and I love some yogurt and we love picking out all our favorite toppings.

Here is Cole's has cherries, strawberries, sprinkles and some chocolate topped with strawberry syrup and paired with cotton candy yogurt. He has quite the taste! :-)

Cole has been on a puzzle kick lately. We have acquired LOTS of them since being here. Here is the latest one he and his dad put together.

I have been in a crafty mood lately (thankfully Hobby Lobby is only about 3 miles away), but unfortunately I have no craft supplies here with me so I am pretty limited.

I made Cole's teachers a little thank you gift to give them when we leave. It is little jars filled with candy with a thank you tag and their initial on the front.

I also made Cole an advent calendar. Each of the pockets contain a tag with an activity to do that day.

A couple of the cards:

Send a card to a person in need.

And watch a Christmas movie as a family. Some others include making an ornament, gingerbread house, visiting Santa, visiting the grandparents, etc. I think it will be fun and really hope Cole enjoys it!

I also made some cute little headbands. Since I don't need four of them I figure a few will go for Christmas presents.

I am SO ready for Christmas for many reasons...Jonathan is home this year, Cole is getting bigger and can really enjoy it, we will be in our new house and this will be the first year we will be in our own house on Christmas morning. We plan to do Santa at home with Cole and then head to Alabama mid-morning. How nice it will be to be so close to home!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The past week...

This sums up the last week for us...

Cole had his second ever dental appointment.

You can see the apprehension on his face. He ended up sitting in my lap for the exam part and did great.

We also made a trip to the Riverwalk where we had lunch and saw an Imax movie.

3D is fun...although Cole never leaves his glasses on!

I took this monkey to the gymnastics place...he loves our weekly trips there. Hopefully we can find a class in Columbus for him.

We had lunch at Subway...his choice. He LOVES Subway!

He even got a cool Lion King bag there.

On Saturday, we went to Canyon Lake to cheer daddy on in the Rambler 120.

It is a biking, running and rafting event. Here they are at the end bringing the boat in.

He did it!

A sweaty family photo! :-)

They had yummy BBQ after the event was over.

The team from Jonathan's squadron...the 435th Deadly Black Eagles.

Canyon Lake is beautiful!
And I had to get this picture. I went to get the car and was going to follow Jonathan and Cole to the other car to put the bike up. I thought they were walking and pushing the bike, but I drove up and this is what I saw. Only my husband! :-) Cole held on tight though and they made it!

That's a wrap for this week!