Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Enjoying the weather!

Sunday after church the weather was beautiful so we picked up Captain D's and then headed to the lake for a picnic.  

What a pretty view!

This boy loves his daddy SO much!

Happy family!

After we ate we headed over to the playground to play.

On Monday Cole and I went to Tupelo.  I had to go to a few stores there that we don't have here (good ole' Hobby Lobby and Babies R Us for a shower gift) and also took Cole to Chuck E Cheese for some fun.

Eating a snack before we left.

Cole and I both share a love for cotton candy!

Today was picture day at school so I wanted to get a quick picture.

Then he started getting silly...

Then he was done... :-)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentines Day, the Zoo and Award

We had a good day of love here at our house!  Cole opened his present and his dad's and it looked a little bit like Christmas in our kitchen! :-)  We don't go all out for Valentine's Day, but my love language is giving (and receiving!) gifts so I never miss an opportunity to give to the ones I love! :-)

I got a NorthFace rain jacket since it rains ALOT here!  Jonathan also got me a magazine, a huge heart full of chocolate and a basket filled with goodies.

Cole was excited about his Captain American mask!

A few pictures before school. I got him his cute Valentine shirt off of Etsy.  Love that site!

Last Monday we celebrated President's Day at the Birmingham Zoo.  Cole has been wanting to go so he talked his Mamaw and Papaw into it and we joined along!  They bought a membership too, so I forsee lots more zoo visiting in our future!

The zoo was a success...Cole looked like this as we headed out! :-)

Last night he had his awards banquet for basketball.  They had pizza and gave out trophies to all the kiddos!

Cole and his buddy (who is also our neighbor) Asher.

Cole, Asher and Hayden

We have been super busy lately with activities, work and LIFE, but we are so thankful!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Recap

We headed to Alabama this weekend to watch my niece Maclaire participate in a local pageant.  My sister worked hard getting everything together so I was glad I was there to support her.  

We went home Friday night and stayed the night with Jonathan's parents and then headed to my sister's house Saturday morning.  

Cole and Papaw eating cherries!  These two share a love of cherries, bell peppers and other random fruit! :-)

A quick family picture before we headed to my sister's house.


I love this boy and his oh so cute face!  :-)

My mom, stepdad, younger sister and Grandmother also came into town.  It was great seeing everyone!

Jayden being silly.  Apparently pageants aren't his thing! :-)

My stepdad and Grandmother.

Me, Cole and Courtney during the pageant.



Maclaire Ann...she is beautiful 6 year old!  She got first runner up!

Cole getting in a little sword fighting at Mamaw and Papaw's Sunday before heading back to Mississippi.  

We had a great weekend getting to see ALL our family! It doesn't happen too often that we get to see everyone in one weekend!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sweet Friend

We have lucked out again and moved into another great neighborhood!  Ava is about 9 months older than Cole, but they play really well together.   And, playing with girls calms Cole down alot and he plays alot more gentle...no wrestling and rough housing with the girls! :-)

Playing outside riding bikes...

 She does play superheroes with him so that is good! :-)

Cole had his first sleepover with Ava too back in December.  Ava's dad had to have surgery in Birmingham so she stayed with us so her mom could go with him.  They both like to color.  

Ava even rides the four wheeler with Cole.   Cole knows to go slow though and she holds on really tight!

Ava also has a big brother Evan who is almost 9 and he passed ALL of his dinosaurs on to Cole the other day.  Here is Cole enjoying his new (to him) toys!

We have other great kids in the neighborhood too so it is such a blessing!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Silly faces of Cole

Nowadays when I ask Cole to take a picture he ALWAYS gives me a silly face (and then sometimes will give me a smile).  Just a few examples...

At home before heading to Tupelo for Chuck-E-Cheese...

At Chuck-E-Cheese...

Yesterday morning waiting at the doctor's office...

 I even joined in on the fun! :-)

And a real smile to end the silly face fun!

Cole is the silliest little boy I know!  He constantly keeps my laughing which helps keep things in perspective when life gets crazy!