Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Weekend

We kicked off the weekend by heading to Peter Piper Pizza on Friday night. This was our first time is alot like Chuck-E-Cheese, but since we have been there so much we wanted to try somewhere different. Cole really enjoyed it and it wasn't too crowded so that was nice.

Ready to play!

My lil' man and me!

Cole and daddy playing a shooting game...imagine that!

Saturday we headed out for a little shopping at the Quarry Market. It is a nice outdoor mall and we all enjoyed browsing and then had lunch at a Greek restaurant, Papouli's

Then Saturday night it was off to the race track. Saturday night is a kid's night so they had pony rides, face painting, petting zoo and a clown making balloons.

Cole being a jockey!

Mommy and Cole waiting on the first race to start. We only bet on one race and we won! We bet all of $4.oo and got back $5.20. A whopping $1.20 win! :-) Sure beats losing!
The petting zoo had these baby pigs and I thought they were the cutest things ever! They were for sale too...for $450.00 you too can have a baby pig for a pet! :-)

And Cole's favorite part...pony rides! We stood in line several times so he could ride all the different ponies they had.

We all enjoyed it so much that I'm sure we will go back again!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What we do to keep busy...

Here are some things to keep us busy while living in our roomy 400 sq. foot abode: :-)

Riding bikes inside...

and out! This was after a rare rain shower that we got last week. Cole loved pedaling through the puddles.

Building a race track out of crayons. You have to get creative around here and I must say this was all his idea!

Blowing bubbles!

Going to the library. It is about a half mile from the TLF so we go several times a week. Cole loves checking out movies and books.

Baking cookies and decorating them with blue (his favorite!) icing. Not sure why he has the orange in his hand?!?!

Thankfully there is a playground right out our door so we go there alot too. It was been really hot though so we have to go early or late. Hoping the temps cool down a little soon so we can enjoy the outdoors more!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lately and First day of school

We've been having some fun the last week, here is a little of what we have been doing:

Going to Pump It Up to bounce and play!


Having fun being a kid with my kid! :-)

Playing with large balls in a not so large space!

Eating ribs with daddy at Texas Pride!

And here he was this morning before school:

Ready to go! He didn't even cry when I left him. He was such a big boy and just sat down and started playing. He usually cries the first couple of times I leave him so I was so proud of him! There will be a reward coming his way!

Sporting his new backpack.

I am headed to pick him up now so I am excited to see how his first day went!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What we've been up to...

We got back from Alabama late Friday night, but since Cole did so great on the car ride that we wanted to reward him with a fun day Saturday. The Cat and the Hat was at the Children's Museum so we headed over there to see him.

The museum is located downtown right by the Riverwalk. There was quite a line to get in so we figured people were just really excited to the see the cat. :-) Turns out it was free admission from 9-12 so that was the cause. We didn't have to wait long and it was free so it was our lucky day!

Waiting to head in...

Milking a cow. This is funny because on the car ride back to Texas Cole was asking me all about milking cows. He got to try it out for himself!

We waited in the line about 25 minutes and got our picture with the Cat and the Hat.

After we left the museum we went over to the Riverwalk for lunch. The food was great and the view was even better! I love the is full of good food, entertainment and shopping!

On Tuesday we went spent the day car shopping. Since Cole was being so good we took a lunch break at Chuck-E-Cheese for playtime and pizza. This Chuck-E-Cheese is big and much better than the one in Missouri and it is only 10 minutes from base!

Car shopping wore Cole out so he napped while we negotiated and signed paperwork. I know Jonathan will be SO sad when Cole can no longer nap in his lap like this.

Luckily we came away from all our shopping with a lovely new car for me! I have been eyeing the Altima's for a couple of years now so I am very happy with it!

Then it was off to the Barber shop for haircuts for Cole and daddy!

And that night Cole had got to meet his teacher at his new preschool...Schertz Christian Academy. He starts next Tuesday and will be going on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2. He enjoyed getting to play with new toys.

And today we made a trip to the doctor for Cole. He has been coughing for over a week now so I wanted to make sure it was nothing serious before sending him to school next week. Luckily it was just a little cold and he is fine. She said give him another 5 days or so and it should be cleared up. I am just glad he didn't catch the junk that Jonathan and I both had!

Well, that about covers our last few days. We have a zoo trip planned for tomorrow and a trip to Playnastics on Friday. Busy is the only way to be for me! :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Road Trip

Cole and I made the 13 hour trek to Alabama two weeks ago. I wanted to go see family, but my main reason for going was to find a house in Columbus. And find a house I did!

We bought this gorgeous home and we are so excited about it! Now if November 15 would just hurry up and get here! :-) Everything has fallen into place with the sale of our home in Missouri to the purchase of this home in Mississippi. I am so thankful for God's hand in every aspect of our lives! He has blessed us so richly!

We got to spend time with Mawmaw and Pawpaw which Cole always loves! Here is Cole watching Mickey Mouse with Pawpaw on the laptop.

And being silly with Mawmaw. I am so thankful for great in-laws and grandparents for Cole.

We also went to the river with my sister and her family. Cole and Claire helping Jay go get ice.

We also went on a boat ride which fell right during Cole's nap. This child will nap pretty much anywhere if he is sleepy.

Cole loves playing with his cousin Claire too. She is just two years older so they are good buddies and playmates.

I took them to Bass Pro to see the animals and then to Chick-fil-a for lunch and playtime.

More playtime with Pawpaw!

And a quick picture with mom.

Aunt Misty also came up from Mobile and visited with us for a few days. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture, but we loved spending time with her!

Cole and I made the drive back on Friday and we were able to make it all in one day! It was a long 13 hours, but he did SO great!

We can't wait to get to Columbus in November. The countdown is on! :-)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunday Fun and TLF friends

On Sunday we went back to First Baptist Church Universal City for the second week. It is a large church, but we like it well enough for now knowing it is only our temporary church home. The pastor called me on Saturday to welcome us to the church and they have a great children's program as well. After church we let Cole play at the church playground.

Then it was off to lunch at Chuy's. My old neighbors Tiffany and Carisa are from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and always ranted and raved about this place so I was excited to try it out. I am glad we did because it was so good and we will definitely be going back!

Cole and Jonathan were excited to be there too! And they even had sweet tea! :-)

And this was Cole's lunch off the kid's menu. I believe he and I could have shared all this food.

BUT, this was my taco salad. I only ate a fraction of it!

We have also met some great people here in the TLF. Here are the kids Cole's age. Thandiwe is in the middle and Penelope is on the right. Cole and Penelope are only a month apart so they have had fun together!

And here is Cole with Penelope and her three sisters Hannah, Sophia and Ella (plus Thandiwe).

Cole and Penelope at the pool. Penelope is a great little swimmer for only three years old!

Before our move and still now, I have prayed for God to put people in our path that would encourage us and build us up and also let us be encouragement to others. God always amazes me in the way He works. We have met some great people already and I am so thankful!