Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random and Memorial Day Weekend

Summer is here and we are all very excited about it!  We spent a few days last week at the neighbor's pool.  Crosby really enjoyed swimming! ;-)

Cole is such a fish and could stay in the pool for hours.  

Cole finished up his tee ball season last week.  Here he is with his team (he is on the front row, 3rd from the left).

We had a really pretty rainbow after a shower last week.  Good thing Cole was already wet from swimming and in his bathing suit.  

We spent the weekend at Jonathan's parents house.  Jonathan and Cole camped at Tannehill one night with some family.  Cole had a blast playing with his cousin Lana!

Playing in the creek.

Being silly.

These boys love the outdoors.  Sure hope Crosby will too!

On Sunday I spent the day shopping with my mom and sisters (and Crosby!) so Jonathan, his parents, and Cole went to the zoo.  

They have a dinosaur exhibit going on right now that was pretty neat.  These dinosaurs moved and made noises.  

So thankful for my in-laws.  They are truly a blessing to our little family and Cole loves them to pieces!

Sweet brothers!  It's these pictures that warm my heart.  Cole asked me the other day why I wanted to have a baby.  I told him so he could have a brother and we can have sweet moments like this.  I am so looking forward to watching them grow up together.

Crosby was all smiles for his dad.  He was talking and cooing at him and it was so sweet.  

We are looking forward to a fun-filled summer before Cole starts real school in the fall!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2 months

Mr. Crosby turned 2 months on Saturday.  Here he is looking all chubby while I took his picture. :-)

I tried to get a few pictures of the boys before church on Sunday.  They are both so sweet and by far my greatest accomplishment in life.  

Crosby's face looks like he isn't too excited about having his picture made. :-)

I got a little smile.

He had 2 month check up and shots on Monday.  He weighed 13 lbs, 8 oz. and was 23 inches long.  He is growing just as he should and healthy as can be.  We are definitely blessed!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Cole had his preschool graduation last night and it was so cute!  We were blessed to have Mawmaw and Pawpaw here as well as Aunt Misty and Uncle Chris.  We love, love, love having our family so close!

A picture of my boys before we left.  

They sure are handsome!  Never knew I could love 3 males so much! :-)

Family shot.

Us with Misty and Chris.

Mawmaw and Pawpaw with their grandkids.  Crosby was about done by this point. :-)

And really DONE by this point!

Waiting for graduation to begin.

Walking in for the musical portion of the event.

Singing it up!

Ready to get his diploma.  

The graduates. :-)

Us with our preschool graduate.  Off to kindergarden this fall!  My how time flies!

Crosby stayed awake the entire evening.  He didn't want to miss anything. :-)   He gets that from his mama for sure!

Last night was definitely bittersweet as it always is when your kiddos reach new milestones and grow, BUT it is part of it and I look forward to watching Cole continue to grow into the man God has created him to be.  My life feels so complete now with these two healthy boys God has blessed us with.  I am often humbled by His goodness and grace and thankful beyond words.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Not a whole lot has been going on around here lately, just adjusting to life with a new baby in the house.  We are starting to find our "new normal" which feels good.  It takes me longer than most to adjust to having a new baby so getting in a routine helps me feel like I still have some control despite my world being turned upside down.  With that said, I wouldn't change a minute of it as Crosby has been a much needed and desired addition to our family.

My TWO smiling boys.  Crosby has been smiling and talking to us lately which has been so fun!

Cole and I spent several days at Lowe's getting flowers.  We just couldn't seem to get everything in one trip!  Cole picked out flowers and a planter to put on his swing set.  I've had to remind him they are his flowers and he needs to water them. :-)

I was feeding Crosby the other day and Cole came in there like this.  He was a combination of many super heros!  He is constantly dressing up and playing superheroes, Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles.  I love it!

Sweet boys before church Sunday.

Mr. Chubby Cheeks!

He is really starting to fill out which makes me feel good about the nursing.

We were blessed to have Jonathan's parents come and stay with us for a few days (why didn't I take any pictures?).  It was so nice to spend time with them and have the extra hands!  We love you Mawmaw and Pawpaw and Cole and Crosby and are thankful to have you in their life!