Monday, June 24, 2013

3 Months

Crosby turned 3 months old last week.  Here are some things he is up to these days:

He still nurses every 2 to 3 hours during the day.

He is a great sleeper!  He goes down around 8:30 and will sleep until around 5, eat and go back to sleep until 7.  He has been doing this for several weeks now. 

He is a little tempermental during the day.  Sometimes he just likes to scream. It is usually when he is sleepy, but I joke that he should win an Oscar for sleep fighter. :-)  The last few days he has gotten better about just falling asleep for naps so maybe we are turning a corner.

He loves his big brother and enjoys smiling and "talking" to him.  I love watching them interact and look forward to them growing together.

He is pretty independent and doesn't always like to be held.  He likes to just kick and stretch.

We love you Crosby!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


A few pictures with the family from our time together last weekend.

Me, my mom, older sister and younger sister.  

Daddy and Cros at the rehearsal dinner.

Cole and Claire.

And Pawpaw...

And some more pictures from our trip in Chattanooga (in no particular order)...

We made it to the top of Lookout Mountain thanks to the incline railway.

Swimming at the hotel pool. We stayed at the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Getting ice cream at the Sweet Stop.

Playing at the Discovery Museum. This was place was really cool and Cole had a blast.

Being bee catchers.


Downtown Chattanooga was really nice and fun.  I haven't been since I was a child so it was fun to go again.

We stopped by Noccalula Falls on our drive home.

The whole Garner family except Misty and Chris.  We missed you guys!

On the incline railway going up the mountain.

Such a pretty view.

Love these folks!

We went to the aquarium and saw the Imax movie about Great White Sharks. This was apparently my only aquarium picture.  Despite the lack of pictures, we really enjoyed it and spent over 3 hours there.

We had a great little mini vacation and really enjoyed having MB and Francis with us. Cole is always super excited to be with Mawmaw and Pawpaw! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Going to the chapel

We went to Tennessee last weekend for Courtney and Aaron's wedding.  The weather was beautiful which made for a nice outdoor wedding.  They got married on the lake at Island Cove.  

Cole was the ring bearer and my niece Maclaire was the flower girl.  These two have a blast together.  They are right at 2 years apart and do really well together.   

Before the ceremony.  Such a pretty view.

Courtney and her dad Philip before they walked down the aisle.

My big sis and I were the bridesmaids.  Love my sisters!

Here comes the bride...

Courtney and Aaron

Cole did great and looked so cute!

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Burgner

Crosby looked so cute too, but he slept during the ceremony.  It was probably best because it kept him quiet. He's a loud one! :-)

Handsome boys!

Jonathan looked handsome too!  :-)

Father/daughter dance.  It was quite emotional.

My wonderful in-laws. They went to the wedding and traveled with us. They were a HUGE help with Cole and especially Crosby.  Couldn't have done it without them.  

Courtney and I during the reception.

We all had a good weekend and it was great being with family.  We stayed in Chattanooga a few more days and took a mini-vacation after the wedding.  

Wishing you the best Courtney and Aaron!  May God bless your marriage!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fun with family and friends

Jonathan went on a trip last week so after church on Sunday I had a mexican lunch date with my boys. I love having sons!

Crosby slept the first part of our lunch, but decided to wake up part way through.

Since Jonathan was on a trip all week the boys and I went and spent part of the week at Mawmaw and Pawpaw's.  We all enjoy spending time with them and are thankful for their hospitality to us.  Crosby even has his own nursery there. :-)  My kids are lucky to know their grandparents.  Cole and Pawpaw spent most of the week playing legos.  

They built some pretty cool stuff (and didn't even use directions!). This was all free handed. I see where Jonathan gets his creativity from.

And Crosby just hung out!  He will be able to join in on the fun soon enough!

We went to Montgomery on Thursday so we could visit with Aunt Misty and Uncle Chris.  These boys love their aunt.  Misty and Cole did some swimming together too.

Then we went to Gigi's and got some cupcakes.  

 Pure yumminess!

We took a walk  one day and Cole picked me some pretty flowers.  He is always so excited to give me flowers and I think it so sweet.  

We came back early yesterday morning for Chloe's birthday party.  She is Cole's BFF so we definitely couldn't miss her party.  It was at a bounce house place and they had blow up water slides too.  The kids had a blast!

Crosby and I hanging out during the party.  He was about to start fussing!  :-)

And Jonathan was off being all important all week.  Here he is in front of Air Force One.

A couple weeks ago Cole went with Chloe to Fayette (about 45 minutes away) for her cousin's birthday party.  They just opened a new small waterpark.  Here is Cole coming out of the slide. He has no fear!

 It looks super fun!

Jonathan and Cole picked fresh blackberries and strawberries from the garden last night.  I have a blackberry cobbler in the over right now.