Monday, August 27, 2012

Coming March 2013

I had my first OB appointment today.  I had to wait 6 weeks which felt like an eternity.  I prayed many times over the last 6 weeks that God keep my baby safe in my womb and also take away any anxiousness or fear as I know those feelings are from Satan.  And I must say He did just that!  I have felt at peace that this is God's will for our family. 

I am 11 weeks today with a due date of March 18, 2013.  

The baby had a heart rate of 171 bpm today and is now about 4 cm long and the size of a lime (for perspective purposes).  :-)  We are almost out of the "critical" development phase which is a relief.  My nausea and vomiting is still present, but getting better daily...which is also a relief! :-)

My next appt. is September 17.   We are so thankful that God has chosen us to be parents again and Cole is ecstatic to be a big brother.  I honestly didn't think I would have another child, but God's will always proves better than mine!

1 Samuel 27-28:

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.  So now I give him to the Lord.  For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.  And he worshipped the Lord there.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Beach trip with the Farmers!

We met my sister and her family in Panama City Beach, Florida for a few days of end of summer R&R.  Cole loved having his cousins (mostly Maclaire who is 6) to play with all day, every day!  It was constant entertainment for him which was nice for us! :-)

Swimming in the pool.  Cole has turned into a fish this summer and swims all over the place.

Cole and Claire

Playing in the ocean with daddy

Cousins...minus Jayden.

Cole and Claire were buried!

Heading to dinner...luckily we were able to walk there from our condo.

Dinner at Schooners.

Cole and Claire coloring at dinner.

Bayler and Jayden

The Farmer Five plus Cole. :-)

We went putt putt golfing one night.

Having fun!

Bumper boats!  Steph and I sat this one out, but had fun watching the boys.

We picked up a huge watermelon at a farmer's market on our way to the beach and it was so good.

On our way home we stopped at a rest area in Alabama that was home to the largest peanut festival.  Hence, the large peanut that Cole insisted on taking his picture with.  

We had a fun few days vacationing with family, something we haven't been able to do in many years.  Hopefully we can make it an annual tradition.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First day of Preschool

Cole started preschool last Tuesday (I'm a little behind!) at First Baptist.  This is the same school he has been doing Mother's Day Out at I just switched him to the "wee school" this year.  Since he will be starting kindergarten next year I wanted him a more structured, educational environment this year to help prepare him.  He goes M-F from 7:30 to 12:00.  

Here he is last year before his first day of school in San Antonio...hence the lovely background of the TLF. 

Last year's backpack...

And this years backpack... What a difference a year makes!  He went from a preschool bear backpack to a big boy one with a Captain American shield. :-)  Both backpacks are from Pottery Barn...they are my favorite!

So big!

Being silly!

What a foggy morning it was! 

So far he seems to really like it and doesn't cry and cling to me when I leave! This is progress from the last year or so!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Spending time with family

Cole and I headed to Alabama last Thursday to spend a few days with the grandparents before school starts.  He starts 5 day a week preschool tomorrow (7:30-12:30) so we wanted to get a  few days in before the craziness begins!  Jonathan drove up Friday night with the four wheelers and stayed the weekend with us too.  

After lunch Thursday we headed to Target to browse around.  Mawmaw, Pawpaw and Cole tried on these really cool helmets. :-)  

Boys can have tea parties too! :-)  Cole had to whole set up and really enjoyed it!

Spiderman and his tea party!

Friday Aunt Misty and Uncle Chris came into town from Montgomery so we went to see the Vulcan.  

The Vulcan.  We took an elevator to the top.

The girls!

Uncle Chris was a trooper for toting Cole around!  

Me and the view of the Birmingham skyline!

Love my city!

Cole wanted to take the stairs down instead of the elevator so down we went!

Sitting on Vulcan's toe in the museum.

Cole put the puzzle together.

Being silly before church on Sunday!

We enjoyed our time together and got to eat lots of yummy good thanks to Francis' good, southern cooking! :-)  Thanks for having us Mawmaw and Pawpaw!