Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer fun with the grandparents!

We spent last weekend and most of last week with Jonathan's parents.  We got to hang out with my sister and her kids Saturday night to celebrate Bayler and Maclaire's birthdays.  We went to Airwalk and the kids had a blast!

Cole and Claire. 

Having fun!

These two cousins sure do look a lot alike!

The awesome thing about living in the country...playing outside in your PJ's and eating cherries first thing in the morning!

Even Crosby got in on the cherry eating action!

Sweet brothers at Grandma Grammer's 89th Birthday lunch!

The best looking 89 year old I know!  :-)

Well at least I was smiling for the picture!

Sunday afternoon we went to the ski lake with Cole's second cousin Lana.

Crosby discovered a love of bacon. He came by this naturally from his dad.

On Monday Mawmaw and I took the boys to the zoo.  We rented a double stroller and we were off.   Crosby LOVES animals so he had a blast!

Petting the goat.  He calls all animals dogs. :-)

Cole getting ready to do the new zip line that they just put in at the zoo.  He had a blast!

Playing in the foam/bubbles.

This little boy loves his maw maw!

Camel ride!

Ha, ha about Cole's face. :-)


On Tuesday we went to the McWane Center.

Cole and Pawpaw did the flight simulator.  It was Pawpaw's idea and he even paid to do it, however when he got finished he said he wouldn't do it again. Cole on the other hand loved it!

Lana even came over for a sleepover which Cole loved. He is big into sleepovers right now.  She spent some time reading with him.

I am so blessed to have the BEST in-laws.  They show us so much love and hospitality every time we visit!  Look forward to going back again soon!

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