Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Past Week

Last week Cole didn't have school because they were remodeling the church where his school is held so we had everyday of the week to do something fun together. :-)

On Monday, we headed downtown to the Children's Museum. With kids back in school the museum was almost empty so it was GREAT! We were able to really enjoy the place without the crowd.

Cole in front of the barn.

Riding in the wagon with the animals.

For lunch, we walked over to the Riverwalk and ate at the Rainforest Cafe.

Another day last week we went to a big, indoor playplace. Here Cole was the captain of this pirate ship.

They had a HUGE playground inside too.

On Friday we met up with an old friend from Missouri, Amanda and her son Bryce. Her family lives in San Antonio and she was here visiting. I'm so glad we could meet up and Cole and Bryce could reunite. They are only 2 months apart and have been "friends" since they were about 6 months old.

Cole with Bryce's brother Lance.

On Saturday we went to snake farm/petting zoo. It was kind of a weird place, but Cole had fun. :-)

Feeding the goats...who were very hungry!

Saturday night we had dinner at some friends house that we met here at the TLF. They were our neighbors for a few weeks while waiting to get into their house. Their daughter is a couple years older than Cole, but they play pretty well together.

She even let Cole drive her Jeep! Real men drive pink Jeeps. :-)

Monday we celebrated my 30th birthday with a little shopping at the Shops of La Cantera. It is a really nice outdoor mall and the weather was perfect!

We went to build a cupcake and Cole and I built our cupcake. He had gummy bears on his.

And I got a yummy strawberry one with strawberry frosting and confetti...it was so yummy, but it did take 3 of us to eat it!

I snapped a few pics of Cole before school this morning.

I love this little guy!

Always being silly!

And a picture of my feathers! I have been wanting these in my hair for awhile and there just happened to be a salon at the mall that I was able to walk into and get them put in super fast. Don't worry...they aren't permanent! :-) They last a couple of months, but I'm sure I will take it out before that. I just wanted something fun!

My little Mozart doing a little afternoon painting today!

We had a great, fun, busy weekend! I am SO blessed and to God be the glory!!

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  1. Paw Paw and Maw MawOctober 11, 2011 at 7:48 AM

    Heather, beautiful picture of you & Cole under the trees with Cole's head leaning on your shoulders.