Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mid-Week Fun and the Weekend

On Wednesday after I picked Cole up from school we headed to Inflatable Wonderland. It was our first time there and very is located inside the mall right by the base. How smart to have a place for the kids to play while the mom shops (assuming dad or someone else is there to watch the kids)!

They don't adults get on any of the inflatables here so Cole was all on his own to play! Luckily there was another boy there around his age and he and Cole played the entire time. It was great!

Inside the shark's mouth!

Smiling with mommy!

This weekend we headed to the Home and Garden Show at the Alamodome. It made us even more ready to be in our house!

And today we had a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. This is one of Cole's favorite places so he had a blast!

Busy playing!

We had another good weekend here, but we are also a weekend closer to getting to Columbus. I gotta admit, the TLF is getting old...and small, but we are thankful to be together as a family!

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