Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our last few days in SA

The last few nights we have been pulling out the couch bed to relax in the evening. It is much more comfortable than sitting on the couch and all three of us can stretch out. I wish we would have started doing this in July when we got here!

Thursday Rosario (my Bible study leader and lady that invited me to PWOC) had our group over for a fellowship brunch. It was great time of just hanging out and spending time together. She is an AMAZING woman of God and I have been so inspired by her. I will miss her and all of the PWOC ladies so much!

Thursday night we went to dinner with our old TLF neighbors Noel, Ann and Tandy (who have become great friends to us during our time here) at Texas Roadhouse.

Cole loved eating the peanuts and I loved that I didn't have to clean up the mess! :-)

Cole and Thandiwe. She is the sweetest little girl!

Cole and his dad playing Superman football. His bicycle helmet was a substitute for his football helmet that is in storage.

So cute!

Friday morning we had pictures made by the T-38. I'm hoping the photographer got some good ones and I can use them for our Christmas card. We haven't had jet photos take in years!

Friday afternoon we made our last trip to the SA Zoo. We bought a membership when we got here and we have more than gotten our money's worth out of it!

Cole wanted to wear his rain boots and panther mask to the zoo...I didn't object! :-)

Sitting on the hippo.

Cole's first ever picture he has taken that actually turned out. He did pretty good!

And this morning he worked on writing his letters and numbers. I was pretty impressed by his work...I think it's good for a 3 year old! Oh, and he took this picture too! :-)

Cole and I head out to Mississippi in the morning. The car is all packed up and ready to go! Jonathan should have his check ride on Thursday and then head out on Friday. I am praying everything goes smoothly on his end and our end!

We have had a great time the last 4 months here in San Antonio. We have been blessed by some great people and have nothing but wonderful memories to take with us!

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