Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Latest

Jonathan and I went away last weekend (without Cole!) to Biloxi for a guys fishing trip/girl's hangout while the guys fish trip!  We headed down Friday afternoon and arrived just in time for dinner at the Half Shell Oyster House.

Here is Jen, me and Monna at dinner.  

Unfortunately the guys didn't catch any small fish (such as Red Snapper) like they had hoped, but they did catch two sharks.  They had this thing all cut up and brought it home to eat!  We haven't cooked any of ours yet, but one of the other couples grilled theirs Monday night and they said it was tasty.  I don't eat seafood so I guess I'll never know!  :-)

Here is Blade, Yac (Jonathan), Calvin, Chill and Fang.  They are all in Jonathan's squadron.

His shark!

 Saturday night we went to eat at a Tapas Bar and in downtown Biloxi.  The area was so quaint and I really loved it.  

Jen and I. She and I met while in San Antonio and became instant friends.  She is 36 weeks pregnant with their first child and was such a trooper.  I didn't hear her complain not even once and she even went running Saturday morning.  I can't wait for their baby to arrive soon...they didn't find out the sex so it will be extra exciting!

The area had lots of beautiful trees like this one.  You know a tree is nice when they cut the roof out to accommodate it!

We arrived home to a garden full of tomatoes!  Our garden has done so well and I have been able to share the harvest with neighbors and co-workers so it has been really great.  

Cole started swim lessons on Monday.  Here he is with his teacher, Mr. Kevin.

Then Monday afternoon he had his third dental appointment.  He does better and better each time.  The dentist said his teeth looked great which was nice to hear because I don't have the best teeth.  Hopefully he inherited his dad's good teeth. :-)  It was also nice to know that even though he took his pacifier until he was 3 his teeth showed no signs of damage from it!

That catches us up for now!  Oh how I love summer!

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun! Just an fyi you dressed super cute!