Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cole'sBatman birthday party

We had a great time celebrating Cole's 4th birthday yesterday!  Per his request, he wanted a Batman party (and then later decided he wanted Spiderman, but it was too late to change it)!

The birthday boy!

All smiles as he waited for his friends to come over.

I had a basket out full of costumes, masks, etc. for the kids to dress up in.

A little coloring station to give them a rest break.

And tattoos which were worn by adults and kids. :-)

We rented a big bounce house from the base which was a hit with the kids.

We played a little game called Vaporize the Villains. 

We used silly string as the vapor.

They had fun for a bit shooting the villains.

And then turned the fun on each other.  Bayler was after Cole!

Being silly!

The cake table! This was my first cake to make in a long time...luckily I still remembered how! :-)

Food.  We had PBJ's for the kids and mini ham and cheese sandwiches and chicken salad croissants for the adults.  And a big fruit salad and veggie tray too.  

Some of Cole's friends.

Here is with Owen.  Owen is our neighbor and was also in Cole's Mother's Day Out class last year.

Cole and Chloe.  She just turned 7 and is our neighbor.  They play together a ton and are like brother and sister.  

Me and my guy.  I couldn't have thrown the party without his help!

Mawmaw and Pawpaw

Aunt Misty and Uncle Chris came from Montgomery.  Thanks for coming ya'll!

Eating lunch!

Cake time!

And presents!

We did the pinata at the end.  

Kids going after the loot!

Bayler found a new use for the pinata after the party!

Cousins!  My older sister and her family drove over too.  It was so nice to have everyone there for a change!

Lots of toys, but especially Spiderman stuff!

It was a great party and we are so blessed with such great friends and family who came to share the day with us!


  1. LOVE all the fun decorations you made! The cake looked awesome. And I really loved that yall all had on Batman so fun!!