Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SO Much to be Thankful for!

We had a great Thanksgiving Day spent at Jonathan's parents house (we missed you Misty!).  It was very low-key and nice to just hang out with family.  The weather was gorgeous too so the boys stayed outside almost all day. I think I only saw Jonathan for about 15 minutes while we ate lunch. :-) He loves being in the country and so does Cole!

Here is my handsome boy on Thanksgiving Day.  He had a nice busted lip from a playdate with a friend a few days prior.  It warms my heart to know my child isn't the only rough boy out there. :-)

How am I going to love another one the way I love this guy?  One of my daily prayers for sure is that God will open my heart to have EQUAL love for both of my little guys.  

23 weeks, 3 days

So thankful for this man too!   November 19 marked 12 years together!

On Friday morning we did a little Black Friday shopping and then headed to see my sister and dad.  Here's Cole, Maclaire and Bayler playing Uno.  To say Cole had a blast with his cousins would be an understatement!  

Silly boys!

Courtney, my mom and stepdad also drove down from Tennessee to see us.   Cole had a great time with his Aunt Courtney too!

Cole and Bayler.  I think these two could pass for brothers!

We have so much to be thankful for and this time of year helps to remind us of just that!  

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  1. Looked super fun! Both of your little guys are growing like weeds!