Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The past week...

We had a great Halloween!  We started out with dinner at a friend's house and then all the kiddos headed out for trick or treating in our neighborhood.

Cole, Hayden and Ava/.

Jessica made these cute pumpkin rice krispy treats. 

Cole chowing down on a mummy dog. :-)

My neighbor filled his trailer up with hay, hooked it up to his truck and then pulled all the kiddos around the neighborhood to trick or treat.  It was a great idea and the kids loved it!  Bad picture with my phone, but you get the idea.  

I know I've said it lots of times, but this child is attached to his dad...always!

On Saturday we had two birthday parties (we actually had three, but could only make two).  Between church, school, squadron and neighborhood friends, Cole gets invited to alot of parties.  

The first was for a school friend Audrey and it was at the local skating rink.

He had fun skating around and did good as long as he held on to his walker.  

Cole and his friend Maria (who is his teacher's daughter).  She is in the class next to him at school and they go to church together.  

After the skating party we went straight to Bodey's pirate party.


The birthday boy, Bodey.   His mom Chanie is due to have a baby any day now so she was a trooper to throw this great party!  They had a treasure hunt and got to walk the plank. The kids loved it!

Our family.

Taking a rest on the bounce house.

Pirate Jonathan. :-)

A quick prego picture before church Sunday.   21 weeks!

Oh how I love this sweet boy! Can't wait to see the similarities (and differences!) in him and his baby brother.  

After church Sunday grabbed a quick bite of lunch on the way home.  Cole kept saying he wanted gas station food (not sure why!) so we delivered.  There is a gas station/restaurant/play place in our town.  This was our first time there and everyone seemed to enjoy it.   

A play place in a gas station...only in Mississippi. :-) 

And finally, yesterday I took Cole with me to vote.  He kept saying we went to boat or went boating, but I tried to explain it to him on a 4 year old level.  :-)  Either way, he got a sticker so he was happy.  

We've had a fun, busy fall and are looking forward to the upcoming holiday season!

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