Monday, February 25, 2013

Latest and Greatest

Last weekend we had a birthday a park...and it was COLD!  I guess in Mid-February in the south the weather can go either way, but his day it was cold.  

Cole had fun regardless!

Playing with Ava at the party.

Thankfully on Sunday it had warmed up and we were back outside enjoying the weather.  Cole was helping his dad cut down some branches.  This boy wants to be just like his dad! :-) 

Last Monday was President's Day so Jonathan was off work.  We spent the day in Tupelo hitting up some stores that we don't have in Columbus and we took Cole to Chuck-E-Cheese.  

Looking so cute before school one day last week.   

Last Monday I went for my 36 week ultrasound and found out that Crosby was breech.  This is was bad news to me as I knew if he didn't get head down then I would end up with a dreaded c-section.  My doctor said that 90% of babies stay in the same position after 36 weeks so I had about a 10% chance he would turn head down on his own.  I didn't like those odds so I chose to have a version done the next day at the hospital.  Thankfully my wonderful in-laws drove down and they and Jonathan went with me.  I had to be monitored a few hours first to make sure Crosby's heart rate was good and then I received an epidural.  After that it was go time.  My doctor and another one came in and performed the version under ultrasound care.  After some very hard pushing and turning, they got him head down!  Woo hoo! My prayer is obviously that he remains that way and I can birth him naturally.  

On Friday Cole had another birthday party at the jump place.  Chloe went with us too.  Here are these two best buds before we left.  

Hot and sweaty from all the jumping!

Power Rangers!

On Saturday we went to watch Chloe in the local school pageant.  Cole was so excited to take her flowers.  

Watching the pageant.

 Cole and Chloe after the pageant.   She looked so pretty!

My girlfriend here crochets and she made Crosby the sweetest little booties.  Can't wait for him to wear them in the hospital and then for his newborn photos.

And this is just for memories sake.  Every morning before Jonathan leaves for work he tells Cole to look after mommy and Crosby.  So this afternoon we went our daily (weather permitting) walk/bike ride and Cole had his bow, arrow and slingshot.  When I asked him why he was bringing all that he said because Daddy told him to protect Mommy and Crosby.  It melted my heart.  This boy had a rough toddlerhood (and so did his mommy!), but he has turned into the sweetest little boy and his heart just shows through more and more each day.  

So that is it for now.  Jonathan will be gone to D.C. next week (Mon-Sat) and I'm again praying that Crosby stays put until he gets back.  I'll be in my 38th week, but I am at a peace that it will be sometime the following week before he makes his appearance!

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