Thursday, March 14, 2013

39 weeks and Spring Break

Here are a couple pictures from my 39th week.  Good golly it is time to have this baby!  :-)  I really don't feel "huge", but I do feel ready.  

This week has been Spring Break and while Cole's school doesn't observe it (or other holidays) I have let him stay home with me a couple of days.  His other friends are all home so I felt bad when he asked my why he still had to go to school. 

Yesterday I took him and Chloe bowling at the base.  They bowled a couple of games and we ate lunch there.  We ran into some other friends too so that was fun.  

And then today I took him and Chloe to the local skating rink.  I'm really not a fan of the skating rink...the music is loud and not kid friendly and they have lots of arcade games which means the kids want to play games and not skate.  Luckily we had a coupon for free skating so it didn't bother me that he only skated a little. :-)

Tomorrow he is back to school so I can get my last minute errands done before Mr. Crosby gets here!

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