Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter, Tee Ball and More!

It's been a busy few weeks for us!  This is in no particular order and jumps around alot with a bunch of've been warned! :-)

Cole and Crosby before the church Easter egg hunt.  I got them cute matching shirts off Etsy! :-)

Crosby on his first Easter.

Cole had a birthday party the day before Easter.  They had an egg hunt and the Easter bunny made an appearance too!  

Crosby has a rough life...waiting at the doctor's office is no fun!


Sweet sleeping angel.

Cole is playing tee ball this year and so far he is doing really well! It is so fun to watch him play!

Cole and his dad (and his Pawpaw) have done quite a bit of fishing lately.  We even had a fish fry this past weekend with some of their catches.   

Cole had an Easter party at school complete with an egg hunt and all.

Some of his classmates.

Crosby loved the party! :-)

Waiting to start hunting eggs.

Me and my boy.

Church egg hunt...

Unfortunately Jonathan's cousin died of a heart attack (very unexpected) a couple of weeks ago and we went home for the funeral.   We did get a few pictures before we left though.  

My boys...I have never felt so blessed in my life.

The Garner boys plus Chris (Jonathan's sister's husband).  What a nice looking group of males. :-)

Last week my girlfriend Dana and I went to the annual Spring Pilgrimage.  Columbus has lots of historic homes and the Pilgrimage gives you an opportunity to tour these homes.  This was the first one we went to and it is called Whitehall.  It is 5,500 square feet and was built in 1843.  It is restored and full of antiques.  It is not my style, but beautiful nonetheless.  

Dana and I and our babies.  Lani is about 10 weeks older than Crosby.  We have already decided they will marry some day. :-)

Well that wraps up the last few weeks.  We are headed to Pensacola on Friday for Jonathan's brother Josh's wedding.  Jonathan and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary on Friday so I think Josh and Jamie picked a good weekend to marry. :-)

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