Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 months and a date night

Crosby is 10 months old!  

Some new things from this month:

He moved into a big boy carseat and although he is still rear facing I think he appreciates having more room and I appreciate not having to lift the heavy carseat in and out of the car anymore!

He also now has one tooth on the bottom...finally! Cole had a mouthful of teeth by this age so this has been different.  However, a lack of teeth doesn't keep him from eating any and everything.  He is a great little eater and will pretty much eat whatever I put in front of him.

He also has learned how to patty cake and shake his head no.  :-)  He is still nursing and eats every 3 hours or so.  Two more months and then the weaning begins!  I never imagined I would still be nursing him, but it just works for us. It's so easy and quick, not to mention FREE and so good for him! I have enjoyed not washing bottles too!

Jonathan and I got to get away for an overnight date on Saturday night thanks to my wonderful in-laws.  We stayed at the Wynfrey Hotel at the Galleria mall.  We did some shopping and then ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

Then followed up with a Dulce de Leche milkshake from Haagen-Daas. It was SO good! 

Sunday afternoon Jonathan, Cole, M.B., and Josh helped build a "cabin" for Cole to play in.  They had fun and I think Cole will enjoy playing in it in the days to come.  

We had a good weekend together and are thankful for our time together.

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