Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life lately

I picked up this military edition of the 5 Love Languages and pretty much read through it in a couple days. It had been years since I read the original 5 Love Languages so I needed a refresher.  I always thought my love language was receiving (and giving!) gifts, but after reading this I realize it's actually acts of service.  Jonathan took this with him and he is going to read it too.

Crosby had a run in with the rug in the living room...I would say the rug won!  Carpet burn is no fun!

Cole had a birthday party Saturday for his fried Ryan at the local skating rink.  

His skating skills got better by the end of the party.

In preparation for Jonathan's deployment I brushed up on my shooting skills.  I must say I enjoyed shooting the gun and could see it being a fun hobby.

Boys and sticks! 

A family picture before church last Sunday. 

Sunday afternoon we went down the street to Ms. Patty's and rode horses for a little bit.  Here is Crosby meeting Star.  

She is such a sweet and social horse.

Cole and Chloe.  

Hanging out with Ms. Patty while we rode horses.

Chloe and Jonathan rode together on Traveler.

And Cole and I rode on Mac.  It was fun, but I must say I was a little sore yesterday from riding.


Jonathan left yesterday for his 6 month deployment.  Cole had me write this letter to his dad last night.  I was teary eyed the whole time I was writing it. That boy sure will miss his dad. :-(

We got a dusting of snow today.  Thankfully it was just a dusting.  I've had enough snow to last a lifetime after living in Oklahoma and Missouri. 

We made a deployment countdown jar today.  Since Jonathan left on a Monday we will take a bar out each Monday.  Counting weeks (instead of days) will hopefully make it not seem so long.  I put a few extra bars in there just in case he is delayed getting home.  

Here's to hoping the next 6 months goes by fast and smooth!

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