Thursday, May 22, 2014


We had an awesome time in Tampa visiting Jonathan!  After almost 4 months apart it was nice to see each other, if only for a few days.

Cole and I flew out last Wednesday.  My in-laws (who are great!) kept Crosby.  It was nice to have one on one time with just Cole and we were able to do big kid things together.  

Of course, Cole was SO excited to see his daddy.  He is quite the daddy's boy.

All we were missing was Crosby.

Jonathan had a to work Thursday and part of the day Friday so Cole and I went and did some things.  We went to children's museum on Thursday.  It was fun!

Playing in the sand at the museum.

They had some fun climbing stuff.

A guy from our squadron is deployed to Tampa right now so we met up with him and his wife for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

I ordered a monster burrito and a monster it was!  The spoon is in the pic so you can see just how huge this thing was!

Barbara and I after dinner.

Cole and I went to the International Plaza Mall on Friday and he got himself a $7 ice cream cone. Sure hope it was good son!

Playing at the park on the beach.  I could get used to this life. :-)

Cole found a crab and wanted to bring it home. I think he was serious...

On Saturday we went to Busch Gardens.  A first for all of us!

Feeding the kangaroos.

We watched the Madagascar show and it was really good.

Cole enjoyed it too!

Unfortunately we rode the water rides first and I had no change of clothes.  I am a big wimp and I cannot stand being wet (in my defense, I was soaked, not just a little wet).  So, I went to the first store I saw and bought something to wear.  This dress was the most practical.  It is not the prettiest thing I've ever seen, but it was comfortable and DRY!  

We flew home on Sunday, but our flight wasn't until the afternoon so we got up and headed to base to go paddle boarding.  Jonathan hasn't been wanting to try it out for quite some time and I must say, it was fun!  We saw a couple of jelly fish and even a stingray while out on the boards so that was neat!

Playing in the sand.

Tampa wore poor Cole out so he was fast asleep on the flight back to Birmingham.  Cole was pretty sad to leave his dad and started bawling when we landed in Birmingham.  He cried most of the way home too. :-(  It was heart breaking and I am so glad we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Come on beginning of August!  :-) 

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