Saturday, September 6, 2014

Camping Fun!

A few weeks ago we rented a camper from base and set up camp at local park.  I am not a huge camping fan (but I go because my boys LOVE it), but I must say camping in a camper is the way to go!  

My in-laws came and they helped with Crosby and took him back to our house at night to sleep. That made things so much easier.  Chloe stayed the weekend with us and another friend Asher stayed Saturday night.  The camper had bunk beds as well as another queen bed. 

Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Yum!  Jonathan cooked eggs in a muffin tin and put them over the fire. They were so good!

Crosby loves corn.

My good friend Wendy and I.  They spent the day Saturday hanging out with us and then their son Asher stayed the night with us Saturday.

Cole and Asher.

Family and friends.  So thankful for this group of people in my life!

Crosby and Chloe.  

We had a fun weekend!

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