Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Come sail away

We had an awesome time on our cruise a couple weeks ago!  I will let the pictures tell the story (plus a little commentary from me!).

We are dinner in the dining room each evening at 6pm.

The melting chocolate has always been my favorite dessert when we cruise. It is so rich and so yummy!

We won a family dance contest doing the twister. Cole was proud of his trophy.

Playing putt putt on the boat.

Cole has been wanting to hold an iguana ever since our last cruise when he saw pictures of Jonathan and I holding one.  He finally got his chance.

This was in Progresso Yucatan. We went to the beach their but the water was not near as pretty as it was in Cozumel.  

Cole loved seeing the towel animals each night.

And our room attendant Francisco always covered Cole's bear up each night with Cole's little blanket.

Handsome boys.

Off the boat and ready for our adventure in Cozumel.

Waiting our turn to swim with the dolphins.  The water was so clear and blue.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Swimming with the dolphins was cool too.  We got to ride on them which was neat.

Ready to snorkel.  I only snorkeled for a short time, but Jonathan and Cole snorkeled for over an hour.  There were starfish and sting rays to see as well as lots of other cool fish.

Heading to the beach.

Cole during the towel animal folding class.  He did good!

We had a blast on the cruise, but sure did miss Crosby. I will be glad when Crosby gets a little bigger and we can take vacations all together.  This one definitely would not have been enjoyable if we have Crosby with us. A HUGE thanks for my awesome in-laws for keeping him for 6 days! I know it is a lot of work chasing after a BUSY 1 year old!


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