Sunday, October 24, 2010

Neighborhood Halloween Party

Friday night was our annual neighborhood Halloween Party. I have been coordinating the socials for our neighborhood for the last year (this was my last one) and it has been a blast. Alot of work, but certainly worth the reward when you see the kiddos having fun.

Here was Cole getting dressed and ready to head out. If you know Cole then you know is costume is spot on for him...a boxer!

Family photo. Cole couldn't hardly be still long enough to smile.

Cole with Katie and Ty. He was the cutest puppy dog ever! Love his costume!

Mawmaw and the boxer.

Cole with Spiderman (Adam) and Batman (Andrew).

Cole eating dessert...

Around the campfire where the s'mores were being made.

Cole eating more dessert. Recognize a pattern here? Sneaky little thing...

The party was lots of fun and we had a great turnout. The weather was touch and go all day long and it even rained right before the party, but once the party began the rain was over. So thankful for that.

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