Monday, October 25, 2010

UCM Homecoming Parade

Saturday was homecoming for UCM, the local college here in Warrensburg. They had a huge parade with around 200 floats. Cole's preschool designed a float and we got to ride in it for the parade. Here we are in our matching shirts. The preschool designed a shirt and we all wore it on the float.

On the float getting ready to begin the parade.

The three of us. Cole being silly as usual.

Cole and Landon saying hi to the people as we drove by.

The Combs family.
While on the parade we saw these folks with Team Dani shirts on. So sweet of them to stand out there in honor of my friend Dani. ;-) Turns out Team Dani was actually for a gal up for Homecoming Queen.

Jonathan with his sweet parents.

And Cole eating candy, lots of candy. I am trying not to stress myself out with the massive amount of junk consumed by my child during the month of October, particularly the latter part of the month. Extra teeth brushing is in order I guess.

The parade was lots of fun and the weather was great. Can't beat 70 degrees for the end of October.

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  1. We were enforcing the three second rule with the candy there right? I had a blast at the parade, enjoyed hearing Cole belt out "hi people"