Saturday, October 2, 2010

Harvest Celebration

Jonathan had to work today, so this morning Cole and I headed to Powell Gardens for their annual Harvest Celebration. We have really enjoyed being members of Powell Gardens and getting in free to events like this. I know we have gotten our money's worth on this membership already.

Here is Cole as we headed in to the gardens. The weather was beautiful, but a little chilly. It was mostly the wind causing it to be so cool. Cole put his hoodie on his head to stay warm.

Part of the Harvest Celebration is the massive amount of tractors they have on display. This one was at the front just for photo ops.

Right when we got inside there was a pumpkin painting station. Cole went to town and painted his pumpkin a wide array of colors. The girl next to him was kind enough to share her paint with Cole too.

The almost finished product. The pumpkin is a great addition to Cole's room. :-)

Posing for me on the hay bale.

They had the cutest little train that would ride you around the gardens. I sat right behind him, but unfortunately my train car wasn't equipped with a steering wheel and horn like he had. :-)

Going to town on the kettle corn! He is definetely my child because we both LOVE kettle corn. Notice the bag is almost as big as Cole! We will be eating on this for days!

And last, but not least, we took a hay ride. Cole kept saying it was bumpy, and I must agree with him, it was!

I had such a great morning with just Cole and I. It seems that since fall and all the activities started, we haven't had much quality time together. We really enjoyed each other and he was so well behaved. I love you little man and am so thankful that you are my buddy!

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