Monday, January 9, 2012


Cole started basketball last week at the Youth Center on base. It is a smart start program for 3 and 4 year olds that he in and I think it is a great introduction to sports for him. I think sports teach kids so many valuable things (teamwork, sharing, good sportsmanship, etc.) so I was glad to get him signed up.

He will go once a week for an hour for about six weeks.

Throwing up his gang signs! :-)

He got his shirt and he all ready to play!

Catching the ball! There is one boy from his school that is playing as well as several from our neighborhood. It was good for me too because I was able to meet some other moms and will be attending a Bible Study with one of them starting this Wednesday morning. I love how God works!

We went up to Jonathan's parents this weekend (we have been every weekend since moving here!) and it is always a great time! Cole spent the night with them Thursday and Friday so we went Saturday so we could bring him home. We stayed there Saturday night and went to church with them on Sunday. I snapped a pic of the Garner men before church. I love this!

And me and my boy!

As usual, we are very grateful to be so close to home and get to spend so much time with our family. Cole loves spending time with his Mamaw and Papaw!

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