Thursday, January 19, 2012

Muddy day and Four Wheeling Fun!

So, it rains alot here...and I mean alot! But, at least it is relatively warm so we have learned to enjoy the rain and mud! :-) There is a large cotton field and horse farm at the end of our street. Cole loves to ride his bike down and see the horses. Sometimes when the owner is home he even gets to ride the horses. He loves that even more!

Having fun getting dirty!
Splashing in the water.

This past weekend we loaded up Jonathan's newly purchased trailer and took the four-wheelers to Jonathan's parents house to ride. They live on land and are surrounded by family land so it makes for fun riding.

Cole riding the big four-wheeler with his Mamaw and Papaw. They are great sports to ride him around!

Cole and daddy. Cole tells his daddy to "go fast!"

And I even hopped on for a ride. There were several areas Jonathan wanted to go through, but he said he would have to do those when I wasn't riding. Probably a good idea! :-)

As much as Cole loves riding with his daddy, he really likes riding his own four-wheeler. He is OBSESSED with riding it and it is a daily thing. At our house he can only ride through our yard, but at his grandparents he has lots of good riding space. He had a blast and I loved watching him (even though I got a little nervous at times too)! He has no fear which can be good and bad.

His cousin Drew (he is 13) lives next door and he comes up to hang out when we are there. Cole had fun riding him around.

Here he is at our house riding.

We also went with Jonathan's family to dinner at a local mexican restaurant. The chips and cheese dip were good!

Cole also loves Jamie (she is Jonathan's brother Josh's fiance)! They are set to wed next January and we can't wait to have her join the family!

We enjoyed our three day weekend and Cole figured a good bubble bath was in order Monday night!

It took forever for all those bubbles to dissolve after he got out!

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