Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sweet Friend

We have lucked out again and moved into another great neighborhood!  Ava is about 9 months older than Cole, but they play really well together.   And, playing with girls calms Cole down alot and he plays alot more wrestling and rough housing with the girls! :-)

Playing outside riding bikes...

 She does play superheroes with him so that is good! :-)

Cole had his first sleepover with Ava too back in December.  Ava's dad had to have surgery in Birmingham so she stayed with us so her mom could go with him.  They both like to color.  

Ava even rides the four wheeler with Cole.   Cole knows to go slow though and she holds on really tight!

Ava also has a big brother Evan who is almost 9 and he passed ALL of his dinosaurs on to Cole the other day.  Here is Cole enjoying his new (to him) toys!

We have other great kids in the neighborhood too so it is such a blessing!

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