Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Disney World, Day 1

We took off to Disney World last Sunday and to say it was an awesome trip would be an understatement!  We did alot of stuff, took alot of pictures and most of all had alot of fun! :-)

Me and Cole right before we left for the airport.  Cole was just a little excited! :-)

At the airport waiting on our plane...

 Cole's first plane ride that he was old enough to enjoy.  He flew twice as a baby and after that I said I wasn't flying with him again until he was older.  He did great and loved taking off!


We made it!  We stayed at Port Orleans, French Quarter.  It had a great New Orleans feel!

The park at our resort

After we got all checked in we took a boat ride over to Downtown Disney for dinner.

The Lego store had some awesome lego displays...this was just one of many!

Jonathan being all cool as we walked into Planet Hollywood for dinner.

Coloring at dinner.

Yummy took a couple of us to eat this!

After dinner we went back to the resort to let Cole take in some swimming.  Here he is enjoying the hot tub.

Every night the resort showed a movie on the lawn at 8:30.  The first night was Beauty and the Beast.  Luckily Cole had already seen it because he was asleep about 30 minutes into the movie.

We had a great day of travel and a good evening.  Up next...Animal Kingdom!

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