Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

We sure have been enjoying the beautiful Spring (sometimes summer feeling!) weather here in Mississippi and Alabama.

Cole and his sweet friend Ava have spent many days playing outside and eating popsicles.  They both share a love for popsicles so they consume lots of them when they are together.  :-)

Apparently the water table doubles as a pool too!

Our neighbor Chloe gave Cole this huge Diego doll that she has outgrown.  Diego likes to chill and watch TV with Cole.

He also likes to go on car rides and always buckles up for safety. :-)

Our Sonic here has a nice playground filled with sand.  Cole and I went there last week after Bible Study and we stayed for several hours!  He had a blast playing in the sand and there were lots of other kids to play with too!   And I loved drinking a diet coke with vanilla so it was a win, win!

 On Friday we went to Alabama for a funeral.  Jonathan's aunt (his mom's sister) had a stroke and had been hospitalized.  She was starting to improve then had another stroke while in the hospital.  Jesus called her home and her funeral was such an uplifting experience for me.  She truly lived a life for Christ and I can only hope people can say the same thing about me at my funeral.

I got a few pictures before we left while we all looked nice and were tear free.

My handsome little man!

Jonathan with his sister Misty and brother Josh.  They are such a nice looking bunch! 

On Saturday we went to Olive Garden to celebrate Josh's birthday.  It had been far too long since I had eaten there.  Needless to say it was SO good!!

Jamie and Josh.  They are set to get married in January and we look forward to welcoming her into the family.  After lunch she and I went shopping and had some quality girl time.

Then on Sunday after church we went and ate at the new Japanese steakhouse, Umi.  I feel pretty special to have a good restaurant like this in our little town.  Cole loves watching them cook and I love eating the chicken and rice.  

Practicing with his chopsticks.

Finally, the shaved ice place in town recently opened.  I have a slight love affair with tiger's blood shaved ice.   I got one every time we went to the San Antonio Zoo last summer (which was alot)!

Cole enjoyed it as much as me!  :-)

We are looking forward to celebrating Easter with some friends over for lunch and an egg hunt for the kiddos.  Praying you have a blessed Resurrection Sunday as you remember what Christ did for us on the cross.

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