Monday, April 30, 2012

Disney, Day 3

Magic Kingdom was by far the "best" park as far as things to do.  It had the most rides, entertainment, etc., but also the most people.  It is the bread and butter of Disney so it is where most people go when they think of Disney World.  

About to head out for the day.  We were all smiles. 

Watching a 3D movie.  We took in several short movies and live shows as a way to have a little downtime.  Plus, in Disney fashion, they were all great.

Waiting in line for the carousel.

On the carousel.

We had lunch with Pooh and Friends.

And then splurged on a $10 balloon that we had to pop when we left for the airport. :-(  But, Cole enjoyed it while it lasted. 

Arrghhh!  He loved the pirate stuff!

And he even got picked to get on stage and sword fight with Capn' Jack Sparrow. It was so cute to watch.  Poor guy had his eye patch upside down the whole time. 

Magic Carpet Ride

On the boat for It's a Small world

Getting tired, but he hung in there.  The little guy didn't nap the entire week we were there.  He had quite the stamina.

Love these boys!

Heading home for the day with a cool light up sword!

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  1. Paw Paw and Maw MawMay 2, 2012 at 3:59 PM

    Magic Kingdom - the place for fun, fun, fun!