Friday, September 21, 2012

Birthday parties and Donuts

Last weekend was a fun one for birthday parties!  Cole had three parties on Saturday, but unfortunately we could only make it to two because the lil' guy got sick Friday night so we kept him home Saturday morning to make sure he was okay.

The first party was for Cole's friend Hayden. He had a cool Captain America party. 

Here's Cole BFF Chloe (she is our neighbor and these two are seriously inseperable!).

Cole, Chloe and Asher on the slide.

Asher and Cole are good buddies too!

Snacking on some veggies!

After Hayden's party we left and went straight to Eric's party.

Here are Cole and Ava climbing up the giant water slide.  Gotta love the south where you can still have water parties in the middle of September. 


Playing games.

He had a Pokemon party and I thought Eric's mom (my good friend, Dana) did a great job drawing this!

And in other news, Krispy Kreme opened!  :-)  We had to go on opening day, but luckily it wasn't too crowded at the time we went.  Cole even ran into his friend Asher while we were there. 

Yummy goodness!  I had to eat one for the baby of course! :-)

We have made some wonderful friends here so far and we couldn't be more thankful!

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