Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Fun!

Saturday Jonathan was slaving away in the kitchen installing tile backsplash, so my neighbor Jennifer and I took Cole and Chloe to the local fair.  This was the last day it was in town and I had told Cole we would go.  The kids each got armbands and then rode all the rides over and over again!

Waiting in line...

Ready for the tilt a world.   Round and round rides make me motion sick so I was so thankful he had a riding partner besides me. :-)

Our local pumpkin patch (and by local I mean a mile from our house!) opened over the weekend so Cole and I met some friends there for a picnic and playtime.  

Cole and Asher playing in the corn.  

Picnic time...look at all those boys!  :-)

Swinging on the tires.

And the horses.

Then we picked out pumpkins before we left.  We ended up with two orange and two white.  I love the white ones!


And three hours later we headed home. The kids had a blast! For this to be a small town pumpkin patch it was awesome! On the weekends they have a corn maze, hayrides, bonfire, concession stand, etc.  Our squadron is having our First Friday there on October 5 and we will have the whole place to ourselves.  I'm really looking forward to it.   It is fun, free entertainment so I know we will go back many times over the next 6 weeks!

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