Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Josh's Graduation

We spent the day in Tuscaloosa Saturday to watch Josh graduate from the Engineering School at the University of Alabama.  

We stopped by the University Mall for a bit before graduation and let Cole ride the train.

Sweet boy!

Wasting quarters, I mean having fun, on the mall rides. :-)

About to get on the shuttle to head to Coleman Coliseum for graduation.  

On the shuttle.  Jonathan said it felt like Disney World because we rode the shuttle everywhere on that vacation.  

Cole and Aunt Misty 

Coleman Coliseum as the graduates come in.  

Could have been a good family picture if someone could keep their tongue in their mouth! 

M.B. and Francis (and Chris!).

M.B. and Francis with the graduate.  All three of their kids have graduated from the University of Alabama over the last 10 years (Jonathan being the first) and I know they are so proud, but also so relieved to have all the kids out of college!

Siblings plus Cole!

We went to Cracker Barrel after graduation and Cole was worn out.  He never naps anymore so this was a rare occasion. 

In the Cracker Barrel rocking chairs. 

We all went bowling after we ate and just had fun hanging out and spending time together. 

We are proud of you Josh and so glad we were able to spend this special day with you!

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