Wednesday, December 19, 2012

OG Kid's Christmas Party

Sunday afternoon we went to the Ops Group Kid's Christmas Party at the fire station on base.  There were supposed to be over 200 people there, but thankfully the rain kept some of them away.  I'm not really a crowd person, so I was kind of dreading it, but was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it went.

Walking in and trying to stay somewhat dry.  

Jumping in the bounce house.

Santa arrived via a T-1.  Jonathan and Cole had the pleasure of going out in the rain and waiting for him while I waited inside. :-)

Waiting in line to see the man in red.

Cheese!  He told Santa he wanted a dino sled.  Anyone know what that is? Me neither! He has been so into dinosaurs lately so I get that, but a sled?  He says some funny stuff though!

Cole says it is fun going to base!  The only time we go to base is for parties so he associates the base with fun!

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