Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crosby's dedication

Crosby was dedicated at church this past Sunday evening.  Several people have asked me if that meant he got baptized or sprinkled.  A dedication is just where we publicly profess to others and the Lord that we will raise Crosby (and Cole) in a Godly home and do everything we can to help them know the Lord.  We have to attend a parenting class prior to the dedication and it was so helpful and informative and they gave us lots of tools to help us in our walk with the Lord as well as how to instill Godliness in our children.

We are thankful, as always, that Jonathan's parents were able to come and be with us for this special day.

Before the dedication began.

Big boy.

These boys sure do love their daddy!

This marble jar is really neat.  Every marble in the jar represents one week of Crosby's life between now and when he turns 18 (there are over 900 marbles in the jar!).  Every Sunday we are supposed to take one marble out of the jar.  It is just a great visual that are time with our kids is fleeting so we need to make the most out of it.   Spend time with them, teach them about Jesus and love them with all we have!

 Pretty Francis!

Crosby on the big screen.

Cole being Cole...silly as usual! :-)

We each wrote a letter to our children (there were 7 babies dedicated) and then went up on stage and ready them aloud.  Mine was short and sweet! :-)

Crosby Stephen we love you more than words can express and we thank God everyday for you.  God knew what we needed most and He gave us you!

And just a side note...Cole was dedicated at our church in Missouri (Northside Christian Church) when he was 10 months old.  I tried to find a picture, but they are all backed up on our external hard drive.

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  1. Heather, I am just LOVIN how chunky Mr Crosby is! Oh my word he is SO SO SO cute!!!!! And I just love the idea of the parents writing letters for the dedications. That is awesome.