Sunday, October 6, 2013

A parade, soccer and more!

Crosby has been loving his new bathtub and enjoys bath time every night.  He is sitting up really well these days.

Playing in the exercaucer.

The kindergarten classes at Cole's school had a Community Helper parade on Friday.  The kids dressed up as community helpers (teachers, firemen, policeman, etc.).  Cole wanted to dress up as Mr. Hill, the elementary school principal.  It was his idea as was wearing this suit.  

I went and watched the parade with lots of the other parents.  He was easy to spot in his bright green shirt.  

They walked around and visited the Caledonia Marshall, the fire station and the community center.  Oh the joys of a small town.  

On Saturday Cole had his first soccer game.  This is his second year to play soccer and he is doing much better than he did last year.  Jonathan is the coach.  

Go Peco Farms!

Cole in action.

Crosby wasn't much for the hot, bright sun so we left about halfway through the game. 

This little cutie his owl longall before church.  I'm loving being in the south and getting to dress Crosby in all these cute clothes.  Smocking is my new favorite thing!

Mawmaw and Pawpaw came down to visit us today and we love having them here!

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