Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Fun

Cole built a gingerbread train with the supervision of Crosby. :-)

Cole's elf Pete brought him an elf cookie.  Cole thought that was pretty neat.

Sweet Crosby.

Smiley (most of the time!) baby boy.

We went to the OG kid's Christmas party last Sunday.

And Chloe went with us too (no surprise there as she and Cole are two peas in a pod).

Crosby wasn't afraid of Santa.  He just wanted to pull his beard.

Cole helped me make peppermint bark for our wive's coffee. His favorite part was smashing the candy canes with a hammer. :-)  My favorite part was eating it.  

We have had a good Christmas season so far and are enjoying spending it this year with not just one son, but two. :-) God is good!

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