Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Playing catch-up

Not a whole lot new going on around here.  

Just another day in the life...Dog food, anyone?  ;-)


Sweet brothers before church.

A doughnut a day keeps deployment blues away. That's my new mantra anyway.  I may need an intervention. :-)  I won't say how many visits I have made to KK in the last 3 weeks...

Cole insisted on buying a watermelon at the store.   He loved it!

Last weekend we went to Tuscaloosa for the day.  Our first stop was at the Children's Museum.  Aunt Misty, Uncle Chris, Mawmaw and Pawpaw met us there.

After lunch we went to Steel City Pops. They were so good!

A sweet friend in our squadron took pictures for us before Jonathan left.  She had one of them printed on to a 20x30 canvas and brought it to me last week.  I love it and was so moved by her thoughtfulness and generosity!

Crosby and I celebrating his friend Kate's 1st birthday last weekend.

My little Valentine!

Jonathan sent me flowers from half way around the world!

And Crosby made this sweet picture at "baby school" as Cole likes to call it.

And my sweet friend Dana brought me by some goodies. This s'more mix was so good!

This past weekend I took the boys to Tupelo.  Cole has been wanting to go to Build-A-Bear so I took him for part of his Valentine gift.  He made a bear and adorned him with a soccer outfit and named him "Soccer Boy".

Crosby and I just hung out.

The Tupelo mall has a nice indoor play area so we played there a little bit before lunch.

Then I took Cole for a haircut.   She cut it pretty short, but I figure that will give us longer in between cuts.  ;-)

Sleeping with his bear. Cole sleeps without his shirt so he thought his bear needed to also.

I've been working on Crosby's birthday party decorations. I'm doing a Dr. Seuss theme.  So many cute ideas out there!

These boys love bathtime!

I think that catches us up for now!

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