Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a good Easter despite the circumstances of Jonathan not being with us.  We have been staying busy which helps pass the time and distract us all!

Crosby sporting his cute Easter outfit made by the talented Sandy in our squadron.

Cole had a HUGE wad of bubble gum in his mouth during our photo taking session.  This is our season of life so why make him spit it out?  ;-)

Cole did a good job taking our picture.

And then neither boy wanted to look at the camera.  But, aren't my azaleas beautiful?  I love this time of year!

Easter basket goodies!  Cole learned the Easter bunny isn't real.  He kept asking if I bought him the stuff in his basket so finally I asked him if he really thought a BUNNY came into the house and left goodies?  And he said boy!  It is a little far fetched to believe anyway so I was happy he caught on.

Crosby got some fun stuff too!

He is so handsome and so grown up!  He is truly turning in to such a sweet, helpful little boy. He loves our neighbor Chloe so much and is so caring, especially when it comes to her! I always want to remember these days (except for all the mud and dirt I clean up!).  

And these pictures are so Cole because he NEVERS wears shoes, despite my constant telling him to wear them.  It's a battle I am starting to give up on fighting.

We had Easter dinner at our friend Dana's house just like we did last year.  It's crazy the difference a year makes when you have little ones!

It goes without saying, but I am thankful for Jesus and the reason why we celebrate Easter to begin with.  We are so blessed!

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