Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Fun

The worst part of deployments and TDY's are by far the weekend!  So with that in mind, we tend to try and stay busy on the weekend so we don't have time to focus on Jonathan not being here with us!

Last weekend we had Chloe's pageant in the morning time and then took of to Tupelo after it was over. The Tupelo mall has a nice indoor play area that is fun for both the boys.  I let them play and then I shopped a little bit.  And by shop, I mean get in and out of the stores as fast as possible. :-) No trying on, no thinking about it, just buying it and then returning it later if necessary!  Such is the life with two wiggly little boys!

Cole had been wanting to try this trampoline thing so he took his own money to pay for it. I am hoping he can learn the value of a dollar!

He was so excited.  We waited quite a while, but I think it was worth it for him!

Cole started baseball! He had his first practice last week and his first game is this Thursday.  He has come a long way since last year.

Sweet Crosby eating a cheerio at the park last week.  My friend took this picture.

This past weekend was the Air show on base.  The CDC had childcare (which was awesome!) so Cole and I had a fun day together.  

Sitting on the C-17.

Chilling in the stroller.  He NEVER gets to ride in the stroller because Crosby is always in it (and he is really too big for it), but he sure enjoyed getting to relax.

Being silly as usual!

The mighty A-10.  Oh how I miss seeing these flying overhead!

We left the air show early afternoon and went and picked up Crosby and then went to a friends house on base to watch the Thunderbirds. Crosby enjoyed the park.  

Watching the Thunderbirds!

Cole has been wanting to go to the Japanese steakhouse so I took him and Crosby after church yesterday.  

We had the whole table to ourselves!

Cole and our chef, Roy.

Crosby loved the food!  He ate so much rice and also the chicken and veggies.  The floor got fed quite a bit of rice too. I felt bad for the people that had to clean it up.  I even offered to clean it for them!  :-)

We are almost to the halfway point of this deployment!  Woohoo!

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