Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Fun!

Cole and Asher after having fun in the mud!

Sweet friends helping clean each other off! 

Cole had his first baseball game last Thursday night. 

Ready to play ball! 

His classmate and teammate Jade.

Batter up! He did so good and hit the ball each time he was up to bat!

Crosby enjoyed sitting in Chloe's chair and eating goldfish.  He would start clapping and cheering when everyone did.  It was so cute!

Saturday morning I took Cole, Chloe and Crosby to the base egg hunt.  It was wet and yucky, but the kids had fun so mission accomplished!

Crosby had fun hunting eggs too!

And putting them in his mouth.

 Found one!

Sweet brothers who won't both look at the camera at the same time! :-)

Yum! Twix bars are good! :-)

He found some eggs!

Saturday was a busy day and Crosby didn't nap in the afternoon which resulted in falling asleep while eating dinner.  At least he ate most of his dinner before passing out. :-)

We have been staying busy and enjoying the nice weather we have had lately!

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