Sunday, March 6, 2011

Splish Splash

Jonathan had to work Saturday so Cole and I started our day off right with some yummy French Vanilla (decaf) coffee courtesy of my new love...

the Keurig! I have been wanting one of these FOREVER and finally broke down and bought it. If you are a one cup coffee drinker like we are then this is perfect. It is great for us also because I drink decaf and Jonathan drinks regular. So every morning, one of rushes to make our coffee first (I won't say who) and then the other person has to wait, pour the old pot out and a make a new one. Jonathan gave me a hard time for wanting one and now he uses it everyday too!

Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party so Cole and I made a quick shopping trip to Target in Lee's Summit and then headed back for the party.

He and Kaden enjoying cake! They both pretty much just ate the frosting off the top. Works out great though because I prefer the cake so I finished it off for him. I may or may not have already had my own piece. :-) Thank goodness for having a treadmill in my basement.

Waiting to go swim with their party favor...a water gun. What a great favor for a pool party. They pretty much played with these the whole time.

Not sure what this face or pose is about, but he was ready to swim!

He followed Kaden around and did whatever he did the entire time. I am telling you, this kid needs a BIG brother. Wonder how I can arrange that one? :-)

Sure was nice to visit a pool when it was still so cold outside, but I am happy I didn't have to get in!

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